To the extent permitted by law, the Permitted User hereby agrees to protect the Town of Burlington, including the Burlington Public Schools (“Town”) and its successors, departments, officers, employees, servants, attorneys and agents against any claim for damages, compensation or otherwise arising out of or resulting from any injury to any party in connection with said participation in the aforementioned rental of Town property and to INDEMNIFY, reimburse or make good to the Town or its successors, departments, officers, employees, servants and agents any loss or damage or costs, including attorneys’ fees, which the Town or its representatives may have to pay if any litigation arises from said participation in the aforementioned activities. Permitted User further agrees to use and occupy the rented Town property at its own risk, and the Town of shall not be liable to Permitted User for any injury or death to persons entering the fields pursuant to said rental, or loss or damage to vehicles, equipment, structures or other personal property of any nature whatsoever of the Permitted User (or in the care, custody or control of Permitted User), or of anyone claiming by or through any of them, that are brought upon the rented Town property pursuant to the rental agreement, except if such injury, death, loss or damages is caused by the willful act or gross negligence of the Town, or its employees, agents, contractors or invitees.

All parties requesting rental of a school building, with the exception of school committee sponsored events, are required to furnish proof of liability insurance with a minimum $1,000,000 each event/$2,000,000 general aggregate limits for general liability that includes bodily injury and property damage naming the Town of Burlington as the certificate holder.

Equipment Request