BPS Pediculosis (Lice) Nursing Procedures/Protocol

When a case of Pediculosis (Head Lice) is suspected in the building the nurse should be notified. The nurse will assess the student for the presence of head lice or nits.

If no head lice or nits are detected the student will be returned to class and reminded to continue to watch for signs of head lice because nits and/or lice are not always detected.

If head lice and/or nits are detected on a student the following steps will be taken:

[ 1 ] The nurse will identify siblings within the school and assess them.

[ 2 ] The nurse will notify other nurses in the district if a sibling attends their school. That notified nurse will assess the siblings.

[ 3 ] When live lice are found, the nurse will contact the parents/guardian and provide education which will include an informational handout. The parent should dismiss the student/siblings for lice treatment and removal. 

[ 4 ] After treatment for head lice, students will be screened by the nurse before returning to class. This applies both to students dismissed by the nurse for treatment of head lice as well as students diagnosed elsewhere. Students will be cleared to return to school when no live lice are observed by the nurse.

[ 5 ] It is not necessary to check an entire classroom or grade level, unless it is deemed necessary by the school nurse. School attendance is always at the discretion of the school nurse.

[ 6 ] When pediculosis is identified in a student, the school nurse will notify the parent/guardian. Other parents and school staff WILL NOT be informed of other children who have lice in school, as that is a privacy concern. If there are more than THREE cases identified in a classroom, the School Nurse will consult with the Head of Nursing regarding parent notification and if a classroom screening is necessary. 

12/18 BC/CW

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