Defibrillation (AED) Policy

It is the purpose of this policy to establish and formalize the standard operating guidelines that are required to have, maintain and utilize Automated External Defibrillators (AED) in the Burlington Public Schools in accordance with the Massachusetts General Laws, Massachusetts Department of Public Health, the American Heart Association and the Burlington Fire/EMS Department. An Automated External Defibrillator makes early defibrillation accessible to students, faculty and staff and other persons who experience sudden cardiac arrest. The goal is to improve the likelihood of survival for people suffering cardiac arrest. The Department Head of Nurses will notify the Burlington’s EMS system, Fire and Police Department of the location of the AED(s) in the Burlington Public Schools. Outside contractors/renters and community activities are not guaranteed access to an AED or a trained AED operator as part of the standard school facility rental contracts.

The Department Head of Nurses, nurses and building principals will coordinate training in the use of and maintenance of the Automated External Defibrillators. All school nurses are required to be up to date on their CPR/AED certification. Basic CPR and AED training will be offered annually to School Nurses. Training will include the following content :

● Proper use, maintenance and periodic inspection of AED.
● Assessment of person to determine if a cardiac arrest has occurred and the appropriateness of applying the AED.
● Defibrillator safety precaution to enable the user to administer a shock without jeopardizing the safety of the victim.
● The role of the initial rescuer in the coordination of care for cardiac arrest victim and arrival of EMS.
● Scenario based practice.
● Routine AED maintenance.

Maintenance and testing will be conducted according to the requirements of the AED manufacturer and by evidence based best practices. Documentation of maintenance and testing will be maintained in the Department Head of Nurses’ Office for a period of two years. Documentation will record the date of daily check and the signature of the person performing the check.

The Department Head of Nurses in coordination with the School Nurse in each building is responsible for the maintenance check assignments in each location. The School Nurse in each building will be responsible for the daily visual checks and documentation during the actual contracted year (summer locations and checks will be determined by the summer program use of the buildings), for prompt notification to the Supervisor of Nurses for any equipment or supply needs. If an AED exhibits an operational problem or malfunction, it shall be immediately removed from service. Operational problems or malfunctions shall be reported to the Supervisor of Nurses as soon as possible after detection.

School Physician or Designees:

The School Physician or Designees for the Burlington Public Schools AED Program is responsible for:

● Writing prescriptions for purchase of AEDs.
● Providing medical direction for use of AEDs in coordination with the Department Head of Nurses.
● Reviewing and approving guidelines for emergency procedures related to the used of AEDs.
● Evaluation of post-event review forms with the Department Head of Nurses.
● Coordination with local EMS Physician for consistency in operation.

AED Guidelines:
AED Guidelines define the Automatic External Defibrillator Procedures and will be followed in accordance with the adoption of the Automatic External Defibrillator Policy. See Guidelines.

Adopted by the Burlington School Committee: 12/12/06
Revised by the Burlington School Committee: 5/8/18