EL Parent Handout

What Parents of ELL Students Can Do to Help their Children be More Successful in School

Ask your child when he/she comes home:
What did you do in school today?
What new thing did you learn?

Find a quiet place for your child to do his/her homework.
Be sure required homework is completed each night.
Be sure homework is placed in school bag to be returned to teacher in school.
Consider enrolling your child in homework club and/or other school-based after-school programs.

If possible, become involved in the school:
Read the school's weekly newsletter/bulletin
Attend concerts, shows, and other programs at school
Join the PTO
Chaperone field trips - speak to your child's teacher
Volunteer in the school - ask the school secretary for information

Encourage reading:
Read to your child in either English or your home language.
Discuss the books with your child:
Ask questions: What happened? What will happen next? Why?

Use the Burlington Public Library:
22 Sears Street, Burlington
Phone: 781 270-1690
Website: www.burlingtonpubliclibrary.org
The library has books, audio-books, DVDs, music CDs, puppets, puzzles, story hours, vacation activities, and museum passes.

Encourage your child to play with English-speaking friends.
Consider enrolling your child in Recreation Department activities
Phone: 781 270-1695
Website: www.burlingtonrecreation.org
A brochure describing programs and how to register is mailed to homes several times a year.
Classes include: art, computers, music, swimming, dance, sports, gymnastics, exercise, etc.

Other youth sports include:
Baseball/softball: Phone 781 221-5838

Pop Warner football: Phone 781 273-0747
Website: www.burlingtonpopwarner.com

Soccer: Phone 781 229-5733, 781 229-3135

Wrestling: Phone 781 272-3239
Website: www.burlingtonyouthwrestling.blogspot.com

Ice skating/hockey: Phone 781 272-1593
Ice Palace: Phone 781 272-9517

Boy Scouts: http://burlington105.mypack.us
Girl Scouts: www.burlingtonscouts.org

Limit TV and video/computer game time.
Be sure your child gets at least 9 hours sleep a night and has a good breakfast every day.