Proof Of Residency Policy

All new students entering the Burlington Public School District must provide the proper documentation to establish residency. The documents provided must always state the student’s physical address (that is, where the student rests his or her head each night.) A post office box is never an acceptable address for the purpose of determining residency.

Please find below what documentation is required for your situation.

  • HOMEOWNER’S need to provide (1) either a copy of your most recently paid tax bill or mortgage statement, and (2) a recent utility bill. The name and address on these documents must match the name and address of the parent or legal guardian of the student being registered. *If you have just recently closed on a new home, please provide (1) quit claim deed and (2) a homeowner’s insurance policy or utility hook up receipt.
  • RENTER’S need to provide (1) your signed lease agreement with the term listed, and (2) a current cable, electric or fuel delivery bill, or utility hook up receipt.
  • RENTERS WITHOUT A LEASE (month to month basis) need to provide (1) a written copy of the tenancy at will agreement if there is one and (2) two additional pieces of proof from the list below.
  • LIVE WITH A DISTRICT RESIDENT (ex: parent, grandparent, friend) and do not pay rent, you must complete a signed and notarized affidavit, which will be provided. The district resident must provide a proof of residency as stated above. The parent or legal guardian of the registering student must provide two additional proofs of address in their name from the list below.

- Electric Bill
- Auto Insurance Policy
- Cable Bill
- Payroll Record
- Telephone Bill
- Motor Vehicle Registration
- Cell Phone Bill
- Driver’s License (newly issued only)
- Bank Statement
- Health Care Benefits Statement
- Income Tax Return
- Furniture/Appliance Delivery Receipt
- DTA Benefits Verification

Please note: when a currently enrolled student has a change of address, or transfers within the school district, residency MUST be verified again within five calendar days from date of move to new address. There will be NO exceptions. All mail will be sent to the previous address, and transportation will not be arranged until proper proof of residency is obtained.

Adopted by Burlington School Committee: 7/17/12
Revised by Burlington School Committee: 12/19/19