CS Pathway

The BHS CS Pathway Program gives students the opportunity to explore careers, learn skills, and gain college credits.

On the CS Pathway, Students learn to Create, Collaborate and Communicate using Computer Science. Whether they are interested in healthcare, education, science, business, fashion, engineering, or the trades, the CS Pathway prepares them for a world that uses computers everyday and in every profession.

The CS Pathway includes:

  • 4 Courses to meet graduation requirements
  • College Credit
  • Career Connections

The CS Pathway is free, open to everyone, and no computer experience is required. The courses meet BHS graduation requirements, students can opt-in or out anytime and academic support is available. To find out more, students can talk with the Counseling or Math Department, or fill out the CS Pathway Information Request Form.

This program is part of a statewide High Quality College and Careers Initiative to expand students' access to hands-on learning and career exploration in high-demand careers. Burlington received two state grants to make the program possible: Innovation Pathway Grant and a Skills Capital Grant.

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