Welcome Back Letter


It's great to be back in our kitchens ready to feed "our kids."

This year in Burlington our students will be using their student ID number as their lunch ID in place of the universal pin number as in the past years for grades K-8. The student ID number is used throughout their school day when logging onto computers and to check out books. In addition, the high school and middle school use their student ID number to access their g-mail account. This change should make things easier for the children.

Each student will be given the opportunity to purchase a reimbursable meal which consists of a meat/meat alternative, grain, vegetable, milk and fruit. Burlington Public Schools follows an offer vs serve policy. Offer vs serve means that the student must take at least three of the five components offered, one being a fruit or vegetable. Meal prices at the elementary and middle school are $2.75 and $3.00 at the high school.

Please remember that it is the policy of the Burlington Public Schools to limit the amount of money a child can owe the Burlington Public School Lunch Program. When the limit of ($11.00) is reached, the child is given a cheese sandwich and a carton of milk for a charge of $1.75 for lunch for the duration of their negative account. To avoid this situation, please be sure that your child's lunch account is always in the positive. You can make payments by sending a check made payable to Burlington Public School Lunch into the cafeteria manager at your child's school or by going onto www.PayPams.com.

If you have any questions please call me at 781-270-1756.
Karen Damaso
Director of Food Services