After School Activities

Chamber Orchestra
Students will rehearse and perform orchestral music together.
[ Meets Mondays ]
Advisor : Rebecca Schauer [email protected]

Choral Union
All 6-8 Chorus students and House Band will work on concert songs
[ Meets First Tuesday Of Every Month]
Advisor : Andrew Mullen [email protected]

Fun sports or movement activities.
[ Meets Tuesday & Thursday ]
Advisors : TBD

Math Olympiad - 6th Grade
Problem solving and advanced mathematical topics.
[ Meets Mondays ]
Advisor : Kim Lynch [email protected]

Math Olympiad - 7th & 8th Grade
Problem solving and advanced mathematical topics.
[ Meets Tuesdays ]
Advisor : Jenn Tate [email protected]

Mind Body Movement
Students participate in mind/body movements. Includes Yoga, games, meditation, crafts and more.
[ Meets Tuesdays & Thursdays ]
Advisors : Jane Lynch [email protected] ,
Sarah Eagar [email protected]

National History Day
Researching and creating projects for National History Day competitions.
[ Meets Mondays ]
Advisor : Barbara Sturtevant [email protected]

Photo Club
DSLR camera instruction including Photoshop editing; due to the nature of the equipment: for serious students only.
[ Meets Mondays ]
Advisors : Sue Rogers [email protected] ,
Michelle Eovine [email protected]

Robotics Club
Research, coding, and building to prepare for robotics competitions.
[ Meets Tuesdays ]
Advisors : Jourdan Marino [email protected] , Jane Lynch [email protected] ,
Kerry Shea [email protected] , John Walsh [email protected]

Select Chorus
Auditioned chorus ensemble
[ Meets Tuesdays ]
Advisor : Andrew Mullen [email protected]

Spectrum Club
Socialize and discuss LGBTQ+ issues, work on activism projects.
[ Meets Mondays ]
Advisor : Sarah Baldwin [email protected]

Stage Band
Advanced Band. By audition only. Difficult, challenging music for those students who are ready for it. Repetiore is mostly jazz/rock/swing.
[ Meets Thursdays ]
Advisors : Marcia Noel [email protected]

Student Band Lessons
Extra lessons open to band students.
[ Meets Thursdays & Fridays ]
Advisors : Kerry Gendron [email protected]

Student Council
Students learn the basics of representative government and plan school events.
[ Meets Thursdays]
Advisors : Christine Evans [email protected] , Virginia Volpe [email protected]