Home/Hospital Re-entry

In an effort to help assist students who have been hospitalized or confined to the home, Burlington Public Schools has the following steps in place to partner with students/families and aide in the students transition back to school:
When your child is hospitalized or confined to home, it is important to contact your child’s school counselor immediately so they may continue to be a support.

The school counselor will assist you in communicating with the hospital lead or physician regarding your child’s progress, ability to do school work and planning re-entry back to school.

Once discharged or return to school is discussed with the hospital/program treatment team, the school counselor will assist in setting up a re-entry meeting for you and your child. It is never a good idea to just send your child back to school without a re-entry meeting.

The re-entry meeting is an opportunity for the student to come into school with no demands, be greeted by familiar adult support, review discharge information as well be a part of developing the best plan (includes social/emotional needs and academic make-up) for a smooth transition.