Minor Employment Permit Process (Ages 14-17)

Minors that are residents of Burlington need to bring the completed Work Permit Application with supporting documents (if required) to the Counseling Office of Burlington High School to process the permit. Please note minors have to be present at the time of the request. For more information, please contact the Counseling Office at 781-270-1780.

Below Find information from the Massachusetts Department of Labor Standards for the minor employment permit process. 

1. Minor must obtain job offer from employer (may be verbal).

2.  Obtain Work Permit Application from Department of Labor Standards website:

3. Have employer complete Promise of Employment section of the Work Permit Application.

4. Is the Minor 14 or 15 years old?

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5. Parent/Guardian/Custodian and Minor must review Summary of Massachusetts Laws Regulating Minors’ Work Hours and Occupation Restrictions and assess if the new job meets work hours and restrictions.

6. If the new job will meet work hours and restrictions, the Parent/Guardian/Custodian will sign the Work Permit Application in section 4 and the Minor will sign in Section 5.

7. Does Minor live outside of Massachusetts?

8. *Superintendent, or designee will review School Record (14- and 15-year-
olds) or proof of meeting 6th grade requirements (16- and 17-year-old),
then download and complete Employment Permit from the DESE Security
Portal, if appropriate. The Minor will sign Employment Permit. Contact the school district for the specific local process.

9. School will maintain a copy of all documents. Minor will bring completed, Employment Permit to employer, who must keep it on file at all times, while the Minor is employed or until the Minor is 18 years old, after which the Employment Permit may be destroyed. If the Minor’s employment ends prior to his/her 18th birthday the Employment Permit must be returned to the issuing Superintendent, or designee.*

*The designee of the municipality and public school superintendent in Burlington is the Counseling Office at Burlington High School.

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