English Learner Education

All students whose registration information indicates that a language other than English is spoken at home are screened to determine their English language proficiency.  A student who is identified as an English Learner is provided with an English Learner Education (ELE) program.

Our ELE program aims to help students learn English as quickly as possible, develop appropriate academic and social skills, and progress in all content areas.

English as a Second Language (ESL)  teachers provide focused language and literacy instruction in listening, speaking, reading and writing, connected to grade level standards and expectations for content learning. Teachers work with a variety of English proficiency levels, cultural backgrounds and learning styles.

English Learners also receive support for content learning from classroom teachers who are trained to provide additional strategies and supports for English Learners at all levels of proficiency. Burlington Public Schools currently offers ELE program instruction at all schools, from pre-Kindergarten through grade 12.


ELE Coordinator
Patrick Larkin, Assistant Superintendent, larkin@bpsk12.org

ELE Curriculum Coach
Kerri Lamprey klamprey@bpsk12.org
781 - 505 - 1170


Burlington High School 
Matthew Costa, mcosta@bpsk12.org
Katey Sullivan, kasullivan@bpsk12.org

Marshall Simonds Middle School
Meghan Sinnott, msinnott@bpsk12.org

Fox Hill Elementary School
Deborah Wall, dwall@bpsk12.org

Francis Wyman Elementary School
Bonnie Leary, bleary@bpsk12.org
Katharine Wells, kwells@bpsk12.org

Memorial Elementary School
Elizabeth Guttenplan, eguttenplan@bpsk12.org
Sahr Moussa, nmoussa@bpsk12.org 

Pine Glen Elementary School
Karen Kim, kkim@bpsk12.org
Khrystyna Leslie kleslie@bpsk12.org

EL Terms & Definitions


State-mandated listening, speaking, reading and writing assessment for EL students in grades K-12, administered annually in January


English Learner (EL and ELL are often used interchangeably)


English Language Education

ESL Teacher

ESL Teacher refers to teachers who are certified (or under approved Teacher waivers from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education) to teach English as a Second Language.


Model Performance Indicators which describe specific levels of English language proficiency for a language domain


No Child Left Behind


Question 2

Massachusetts Law passed on a referendum in November, 2002 that requires Sheltered English Instruction


World-Class Instructional Design and Assessment (a national consortium which provides standards and assessments for ELs)


The SEI program in the Burlington Public Schools provides EL students with grade-level content instruction delivered in sheltered English, which makes this content accessible to all students.  At the same time, SEI teachers scaffold students’ English language development, thus ensuring that EL students continue to develop the academic language (oral and written) necessary for continued academic success.

WIDA ELD Standards

English Language Development Standards