Guide For Families

This guide was written with the assistance of parents, teachers and administrators, in the hope that it will help families of  ELL students
to understand our school culture.


School Spirit Days

Throughout the year some days are announced as days to wear certain colors in support of things like local sports teams (for example, the Boston Red Sox). Some of the students and some of the teachers do this. Many students and teachers do not. It is not necessary to buy special clothing for these days. 


Students usually have homework four nights a week (Monday to Thursday). If your child has difficulty doing the homework, please contact the teacher. There is an after­school “Homework Club” two or three days a week for one hour. Your child will bring home a letter that tells you about the days of the club, the hours, and the payment. You will need to sign the letter, if you are interested in having your child attend. If you sign your child up for this club, you must pay money. You must come and get your child after the club ends. There is no transportation provided.

Contacting Teachers

If you have any questions or concerns about your child in school, please contact the teacher. You can telephone the school or send the teacher an email. (You can get the address from the teacher or the school secretary.) In order to meet with a teacher, you need to make an appointment before you come to the school. When you come to the school, you should go to the school office to check in before you go to the teacher’s classroom. 

Field Trips

Several times a year each grade goes on “field trips” as part of their learning. The children come to school at the regular time and then are taken by bus to a museum, theatre, etc. A letter describing the trip will be sent home before each trip, and must be signed by a parent so that the child may go. This letter will tell about lunch that day and the cost of the trip; it may also ask for a few parents to volunteer to go on the trip (chaperone) to help the teachers. Parents at School

Open House/Back to School Night

In the fall, near the beginning of each school year, parents are invited to come to school in the evening to listen to the teachers talk about the school year. This evening is for parents only.  Please check the Master Calendar for when these events are being hosted.


Parents are sometimes invited to come to school to help in the classroom or the school library. If you are interested, please ask the teacher or the school secretary. If you want to volunteer or chaperone, you must go to the Superintendent’s Office (Located at the High School) and complete a “CORI” application. 


During the school year teachers will make an appointment with parents to come to school and talk privately for a few minutes about their child. There is no school for students on that day. You or the teacher may ask for another meeting at any time during the year. 

Performances/Open House

During the school year there are times when the students demonstrate what they have learned and parents are invited. Sometimes this is during the school day, and sometimes in the evening (for example, school concerts). 

Teacher Professional Development Days

There are one or two days each year when the students do not attend school, but the teachers have professional meetings.

No­ School Days/Delayed Opening

If there is no school or school begins two hours late because of very bad weather, you may receive a telephone call from the school. This will also be listed on television channels 4, 5, 7, and 9.

If the opening of school is delayed, the buses will run two hours later than the usual time to pick up children in the morning. School will still end at the normal time in the afternoon. 


PTO is the Parent­ Teacher Organization, which encourages parents to help with school activities. The PTO helps raise money for special school programs, field trips, etc. All parents are welcome to join this organization and to attend meetings. 


Massachusetts state tests are given each year. MCAS (Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System) tests are for all students in grades 3 and higher. In addition, there are state English language tests for students in all grades who receive ELL (English Language Learning) services. Your child will bring home a notice telling you the dates of these tests. SPECIAL DAYS If your culture has a special holiday which your family celebrates, you are welcome to contact your child’s teacher about it. 

Field Day

In June each school does this day in its own way. It involves outdoor games and activities. Students must wear sneakers and gym clothes and often get wet. Students often bring a bathing suit and/or a change of clothes. Everyone has fun!