Employee Forms

Change of Address Form
This form will update payroll, benefits, and your employee record with your new address.  If you have changed your name, please contact payroll and provide documentation showing a legal name change.

Direct Deposit Form
Form W-4 (federal taxes)
Form M-4 (state taxes)
Flexible Spending Plan forms

Forms for your health insurance fitness reimbursement and mail order prescriptions can be found on our Employee Discounts Page.

If you need additional forms to update your benefits, check the Benefits Page or contact the Treasurer's Office at 781-270-1623.

Leave Request Form

Family/Medical Leave
If you will be out to care for a family member or for your own serious health condition, you may be eligible for job protections through the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA).  Submit these forms to Human Resources to assist us in providing this benefit to you.  All materials will be maintained confidentially and may be faxed to 781-238-4696.

Employee Request Form - Town employees
Employee Request Form - School employees
Healthcare Provider Certification Form - for an employee's health condition
Healthcare Provider Certification Form - for a family member's health condition