If you have any transportation or bus concerns please email .
Be sure to include your students name, school name and home address in your inquiry. 



  • Parents must provide masks for their children to wear on the bus.
  • If a child is not wearing a mask, he/she/they will not be allowed to board the bus.
  • Parents must set the expectation that students wear masks and stay in their assigned seat.
  • Parents must complete a daily symptom screening for their child as directed by the school district.
  • Parents must not send their student to ride the bus or to school if student has symptoms.
  • Students must wear their masks and stay in their assigned seats.
  • Children from the same household should be seated together and may be seated two or more students per bench (closer than 3 feet).

School Bus Stop Sign

As students board the bus, they should fill the seats from back to front.

Fill the Seats From Back to Front

Students should exit the bus from front to back.

Exit the Bus From Front to Back