BPS Elementary Building Planning

Due to continued enrollment growth (See NESDEC projection below), Burlington Public Schools is beginning to look at possible plans to add more elementary classrooms. This plan would ultimately entail a proposal to the Massachusetts School Building Authority for a new school. WIth this in mind, we are discussing multiple options in order to move forward with the most practical solution for our school district. This webpage will provide regular updates to keep our families, staff, and community members in the loop. 

NESDEC Enrollment Projections Through 2027

NESDEC Enrollment Projections Through 2027

Please see the elementary configuration options that are being discussed below and take a moment to provide your feedback here

[ 1 ] Current Four School, Four Site Configuration

[ 2 ] Maintain a 4 school configuration but build two elementary schools on the Fox Hill site with shared common spaces. Give up the Pine Glen site - Three site configuration

[ 3 ] Create a 3 school elementary configuration with a large Fox Hill (similar to Marshall Simonds, about 800 student enrollment) and give up Pine Glen as an elementary school.

[ 4 ] Pine Glen converted to a PreK-K early childhood center.  Three elementary schools configured for grades 1 through 5.