BHS Writing Center: You're in the Write Place

Today, the new BHS Student Writing Center held its official launch party to introduce its student tutors, the Writing Fellows, and its new space in the library to BHS students.

“It’s important to encourage students’ love for writing, and to help them understand that there are people that can help them with writing development,” Writing Fellow Grace Visco said. 

The Writing Fellows Course, developed by English Teacher Jessica Smetana, began this fall with the purpose of training any students with strong writing, communication and collaboration skills to work with peers on writing goals. The course itself offers the tutors practical strategies for responding to writers through small-group writing consultations, specific writing assignments, and conferences with individual writers. 

Of the course, Writing Fellow Jade Mahoney noted, “I value the class because when I tutor someone, it also helps me with my own writing.”

Similarly, Writing Fellow Mark Buchanan described the class and working with students as “extremely rewarding.” 

To best meet student needs, the Writing Fellows have designed a new Writing Center space in the library.

“It’s important to have it in the library because the library is a relaxed place to be where a lot of people go during studies or lunch to work on work or write papers, and we can be there to help. We have designed the space to be inviting,” Writing Fellow Colby Walzer said.

Smetana added to Walzer’s sentiments, noting, “Having a designated Writing Center space can really help to create a writing community at the school.”

According to their brochure, the “BHS Writing Center was founded with one purpose – to build space for students to grow as writers by connecting with other writers.” Today’s event showcased such collaboration.

“I consider myself a personable person so the interaction with other people is enjoyable because you get to develop a level a connection with fellow students,” Writing Fellow Dave Coombs said.

Writing Fellow Jillian Murray echoed Coombs: “The writing center offers support and allows students to make connections among peers.”

Today’s visitors to the Writing Center also value the opportunity to work with their peers.

“It helps make people feel more comfortable with their writing,” Freshman Casey Collins said. 

Likewise, Sophomore Sophya Viglione insisted, “It’s great to have people who are able to help you improve, share good ideas, and help with grammar.”