BHS Yearbook & Senior Photo Information

BHS Senior Yearbook and Photo Information

The class of 2019 yearbook is on sale for $85 until winter vacation. After winter break, the cost will be $100. You may order directly through or give a check (made out to BHS) to Ms. McAuliffe in room 203. Please contact Mr. March Mistler or Ms. McAuliffe directly with any questions. 

Senior photos are due by November 1st. Please visit this link to submit your senior photograph.

Some photography studios will send them directly to the yearbook. It is your responsibility to check with the studio, however. If you do not submit a photo, the yearbook will use your most recent ID photo. Photographs should be high-resolution jpegs in portrait format at least 3"x4" and 300 dpi.

Parents who would like to purchase a parent ad in the yearbook may follow this link.