Students Exhibit in Natural Burlington Photo and Art Show on Tuesday, November 6 at Grand View Farm


Photo by Anika Negi, Grade 9

Special thanks to the Burlington Conservation Commission for hosting a photo and art show that features Burlington Artists and the beautiful subject of Burlington Nature. 
The show will be at Grand View Farm on Tuesday, November 6, 2018, from 6-9pm

The following students are exhibiting in this show:
Isabelle James
Annabel Wiley
Katelyn Murphy
Fiona Bell
Anika Negi
Jamie Thierrien
Sydney Hovasse 
Kayla Baker
Maria Acash
Ryan Crowe
Martello Cesar
Lainey Gaiero
Aria Marthur
Kayla Summerville
Chloe Poles
Carlie Mattson
Thanya Weadick
Gili Cohen
Liz Gillespie


Photo by Kaitlyn Murphy, Grade 9