BHS Freshmen Jappe and Genov Win the Massachusetts Stock Market Challenge

Burlington High School Freshmen William Jappe and Alex Genov won the Massachusetts Stock Market Challenge beating out 779 other high school teams from across the state.

The students had 10 weeks to invest $100,000 in stocks, bonds and mutual funds and attempt to have it beat the S&P 500 growth.  In addition, the 779 high school teams from across the state competed to have the largest return possible. The team William and Alex created that they named "Bulgaria and Japan Number 1" posted a 43% return in 10 weeks ending at $145,380 beating the S&P 500 by 38%.

The students are part of Business Teacher Krista Anderson's Introduction to Business and Marketing class at Burlington High School.  They learned to look at various stock indicators, financials and news to drive their purchasing and selling behavior. It was a news article that grabbed Alex and William's attention; "QGEN had faced a troublesome lawsuit and fell to an all time low to about $27 per share," Alex explains.  This bio-technology company was poised to do well or poorly based on the lawsuit. Jappe says, "we predicted that the stock would rise again if the lawsuit blew over which is what happened." The stock rose to $42 a share dramatically increasing their overall portfolio value. 

That particular stock added the most growth their portfolio in addition to the other strategic investments they made that their teacher, Krista Anderson, requires so that each portfolio is diversified across various industry sectors. 

The students, their teacher, and school administrators have been invited to attend an award lunch in May at Fidelity Investments in which William and Alex will give a 1-2 minute speech and be recognized for their accomplishments.  Congratulations to William to Alex!