BPS Update - July 13, 2020 - Please Complete Parent/Guardian Survey

Friday afternoon, the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) released two new documents related to the reopening of school. We encourage you to read both documents that are linked below:

1.  "On The Desktop" Memo: Additional Guidance on Fall Reopening Plans

2.  Fall Reopening Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), as of July 10, 2020

We appreciate that there is anxiety about the start of the year.  No one knows for certain what the state of the virus will be in August.  As you will read in the Commissioner’s memo, although we are required to submit three plans (full in-person, full remote, and hybrid), districts are being asked to wait until August to determine the learning environment in the fall.  We are following this guidance.

There are teams of administrators and teachers at every school who will be working through the different scenarios and developing questions that need to be answered and challenges that need to be addressed.  These three plans are due to DESE on July 31st even if we have no intention of implementation.

This planning direction is based upon current public health data in Massachusetts, and is supported by the educational, medical, and public health communities.  However, given the nature of the health situation, we also know that this direction is subject to change based upon scientific and medical recommendations.

To quote DESE Commissioner Riley from the linked memo:

"While you continue to work to flesh out these models, I am requesting that you hold off on announcing any final decisions about what reopening will look like for the fall in your district until early August.  While preparations for the fall must move forward, we are still waiting for key information that will directly impact the best fit reopening model for each community.  This includes more information about financial resources that may be available, including the possibility of a second federal stimulus package, and any change in local COVID-19 transmission rates."

Parent/Guardian Survey to help us plan for the fall

Please take some time to complete the survey linked here which will help us complete our plan for a possible return to our schools and classrooms. We are also asking about whether students would utilize bus transportation and purchase school lunches. 

Thank you all for your patience and support, and if you have questions about our reopening planning, please send them to our dedicated email address at 2020schoolopening@bpsk12.org.

Finally, please support the Burlington Education Foundation and volunteer to help them help our staff and students!