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BPS Update - March 19

There was a great quote someone shared on social media that talked about how this week is about Maslow and future week's will be more about Bloom's. In case you don't know, Maslow's Hierarchy is about making sure staff and students are not feeling isolated and that their physiological and health needs are the priority. We are all processing the sudden loss of our routines and getting to see our students five days a week. With little warning, all of our worlds were turned upside down.

Moving forward we will have more detailed plans about the details on Bloom's Taxonomy which focuses on critical thinking opportunities. Dr. Conti and Assistant Superintendent Larkin have been in virtual meetings every day this week with staff from the Department of Education and administrators from across the state. We are all working to create a common understanding and expectations for what our schools can provide during this school closure. We look forward to sharing these plans in the next few days.

There have been a lot of questions posted about upcoming events (i.e. prom, graduation, conferences, etc.) and the answer for all of these is really not known yet. We are busy planning for now and also building contingency plans in the event that our school closure is prolonged and we will answer questions about specific events as soon as we have them.

We appreciate all of the efforts teachers have made to connect with students and families and this will continue. We also appreciate the supportive messages from families and we want you to know that we are doing our best to respond to all of your messages in a timely manner. Please don't hesitate to call our Emergency number if you have a pressing matter (781) 238-4674 during the week.  

In the meantime, we wanted to share a post that Assistant Superintendent Larkin posted this morning on his personal blog, titled About Teachers.

Stay Well! We will have another update tomorrow.