BPS Update - March 24, 2020

We just finished our first virtual school committee meeting. We are wondering how many firsts our students and families have had over the last seven school days as all of our lives have been altered so dramatically.

We wanted to share a brief excerpt that Pernille Ripp, a teacher from Wisconsin, shared on her blog today:

"We have been doing the best we can since then.

We all have.

And now as we face schools being closed indefinitely, we will continue to do so.

Yet the best we can is very much dependent on the day. Yesterday, I felt on top of the world. My kids did their academic work we have scheduled for an hour each day. They invented adventures together, I baked a cake with my son and it tasted good...

...But today, my kids slept in, they didn’t want to get up. They decided it was pajama day. They decided that they didn’t have to follow the rules of math that have been around for thousands of years because they “don’t like them.” They didn’t want to hold their pencils right, or trace the words, or read because “reading is stupid.”

We encourage you to read the entire post because we are all dealing with similar experiences and feelings as we attempt to find a rhythm to this new existence. Having said this, we will be sharing more concrete plans as we look to add more structure to our remote learning efforts next week. A joint letter from 12 districts who have been working closely with one another will be shared tomorrow. 

However, we also need to keep in mind Pernille's closing to her post:

"Right now is not normal, and nothing we invent or create or implement will make it normal. So perhaps... we all just need to take a deep breath and be okay with good enough for now."

With this in mind, we feel fortunate to have the team of teachers and support staff that we have in our district. The efforts they are making to reach out to students and families are phenomenal. Because of them, we know that our "good enough" will continue to get better each day and week ahead. We look forward to supporting our students and families and making this journey together.