BPS Update - September 16, 2020

Ed Tech Q and A session Thursday, September 17

The BPS EdTech Team will host an Elementary Schools Technology Q&A Session on Thursday, September 17 from 7PM-8PM. Please join members of the technology integration team to learn more about our Foundational Apps, iPads, and accessing student technology resources. 

You can also learn more about BPS educational technology on our Digital Learning site and our team page on the district website.

COVID Checklist

We wanted to remind parents about the COVID-19 checklist that can be found on page 2 of the COVID-19 Parent Guide. Please remember that if you have any of the symptoms on the checklist that you should not be coming to school and will have to get a RNA/PCR Molecular COVID test (molecular only, as no antigen or antibody tests will be accepted). We know this has been a major inconvenience for people already, but this protocol needs to be followed. In addition, if any member of your household has any of the symptoms on the checklist, you will need to stay home until that individual has a negative RNA/PCR Molecular COVID test or their symptoms are gone, whichever occurs first. Please touch base with your school nurse, Barbara Conley or Patrick Larkin if you have any questions on this. 

Mask Etiquette

Please continue to support students with proper mask etiquette. This short video from Good Morning America, highlights a study from Florida Atlantic University that looks at the importance of a proper fitting mask that covers both your nose and mouth.  

Book Group on Supporting Mental Health

Burlington Public Schools is excited to be partnering with Burlington Youth and Families, and the Burlington Town Library on a 5-series book group around the issue of mental health.  For more information, check out the website here

Elementary iPads

Our plan is to distribute elementary iPads on Friday and start our remote elementary lessons on Monday.  Please be sure to fill out the 1:1 iPad Statement of Responsibility if you have not already done so.  

School Calendar

We are currently working on a school calendar.  The state’s reduction of the school year from 180 to 170 students days has forced us to make some adjustments.  We hope to have a new calendar approved in the next few weeks.