Draft of Guiding Principles for Opening School for 2020/2021

As we await the guidelines from the state for the reopening of school, we thought it was important to develop some Guiding Principles for our district to consider as we enter the planning stage.  The initial list below was shared during our School Committee Meeting last night. If you have feedback or questions on these principles, please submit them here.

DRAFT of Guiding Principles for Opening School

  • Opening plan should reflect the safety recommendations by the MA Department of Public Health for both students and staff.

  • Social-emotional & physical wellness of students and staff takes precedence over academics

  • Remote/on-line learning cannot replicate students’ experiences in their school communities with their teachers, administrators, peers, and support staff.   

  • The more independent the learner, the lower the negative impact of remote learning.

  • Students who require specialized supports to reenter school will have a different reentry to meet their needs.

  • The district will prepare to seamlessly move between in-person instruction and remote instruction, if the school buildings are closed again.

  • Transportation will not be guaranteed as prior to the Pandemic.

  • Collaboration between grade levels and subject areas within and across schools will be prioritized for consistency and coherence. 

  • Special subject areas - art, music, physical education, library, and computer science will continue to be an important component of learning.

  • Every opportunity will be made to have instruction happen outside.

  • We are committed to providing technology for all students that can be accessed at home and at school and will expand our 1:1 learning program for home use.

  • Student privacy will be considered in all applications used for remote learning.