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News Remote Learning Website Published

We hope everyone is healthy and keeping their distance.  We have been working on a Remote Learning Plan in case the school closure was extended.  When the Governor made the decision to extend to May 4th followed by a recommendation by the Commissioner of Education for a half school day of remote learning per day, we were already preparing a plan to assist families to provide this structure.

You can find the Burlington Remote Learning Plan linked here.  We have many people to thank for their contributions to this resource.  Please know that Burlington educators and staff have been hard at work creating flexible curriculum, distributing iPads and instruments, supporting students - and will  continue to do so.  

Our focus is on choice and connection.  We do not expect nor do we want students tied to their computer screens.  Our hope is to provide a flexible curriculum as a resource to you. Our plan includes having an educator connect with a student every day and to reinforce material and use tools that the student should be familiar with using.  It is important that your children participate.

Please remember that we are in a healthcare crisis that impacts education and not an educational crisis.  We will do our best to meet the needs of individual students during this closure. Most importantly, we hope everyone is safe and stays connected.  We look forward to the day when schools reopen.