Positive Case of Covid-19 at Fox Hill (1-15)

Dear Parent/Guardian and Staff:

Today, the Burlington Board of Health received laboratory testing that indicated that a student or staff members in a first grade classroom at Fox Hill Elementary School has been diagnosed with a probable case of Covid-19.  It is the policy of Burlington Public Schools to move any classroom with a probable case of Covid-19 to remote learning for 10 days out of an abundance of caution.  

Students or staff members in that classroom may or may not be required to quarantine.  The Burlington Board of Health immediately began a case investigation to determine close contacts of the case.  A close contact is defined as anyone within 6’ of the affected individual for greater than 10 minutes.  Any student or staff member determined to be a close contact, both through activities inside or outside of school, will be immediately contacted by the Board of Health or a member of the Burlington Nursing Team and will be required to quarantine.  Testing will be recommended for all close contacts, however, any close contacts testing negative for Covid-19 must still complete quarantine requirements as issued by the Board of Health..

If you are not contacted by the Board of Health or a member of the Burlington Public Schools Nursing Staff, then your child is not considered a close contact.  Parents/guardians should be aware of the signs and symptoms of Covid-19.  If you believe you or your child may have symptoms of Covid-19, you can check symptoms at https://www.buoyhealth.com/symptom-checker/?configuration=ma_covid&concern=coronavirus.  Anyone exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19 should avoid contact with others and contact their health care provider and/or get a molecular diagnostic Covid-19 test.  Free testing sites can be found at https://www.mass.gov/info-details/stop-the-spread.  

For additional information on Covid-19, please go to Burlington.org, public health alerts or call the Board of Health at 781-270-1955 or email boh@burlington.org.


Dr. Eric Conti, Superintendent of Schools

Susan Lumenello, REHS/RS, CHMM, Director of Public Health