Remote Academy iPad Distribution Plan

Wednesday, September 9th from 8:30-10:00AM and 2:30-5:00PM

When: Wednesday, September 9th from 8:30-10:00AM and 2:30-5:00PM 

Where: Outside the entrance of BCATV studios on the Burlington High School campus. The map to the right shows where pickup will occur and where you should park (the red dashes) before picking up your device. The BHS campus is a one way circle only. 

How: Please provide at least 6 feet of distance between you and others picking up devices. A mask is required during device pick up. 

Upon walk-up arrival you will be asked to present an ID along with the following written on a piece of paper that can then be recycled: 

Names of the children you are picking up devices for, their LASID numbers, grade entering, and school of origin. ​See page 2 notes regarding accessing LASID numbers if you do not know them. 

If your last name does not match the students’ you are picking up devices for we will need to record your name and and address on the ID. 

Before coming to pick up your device, ​be sure you have reviewed and digitally signed the 1:1 Statement of Responsibility Form linked here​ for each student participating in the Remote Academy. An iPad will not be handed over to any student or family member who has not completed this form. 

You will be given: 1) An iPad 2) USB charging cable 3) Wall plug 

The device and peripheral charging materials will need to be returned at the conclusion of the academic year. 

Before you come pick up your iPad... 

The first time you use the iPad you will need to reset the student password. Your student’s current password is (first initial, last initial, 6-digit LASID) example: A password for Sean Musselman would be ​sm123456 (if my LASID was 123456) 

If you are unsure of what your student’s LASID number​ is, please login to ASPEN to find out before coming to the distribution center. 

If you can not access ASPEN​, account and password reset requests may be directed to the following email address: ​ 

Follow the guidelines linked here​ created by the Remote Academy IT Director, Michelle Ardizonni for making a new password that follows the requested BPSEdtech password template for students. We kindly ask that you please follow this template to help all of our EdTech staff members better serve your students quickly when passwords get forgotten. 

One more thing you should know: 

Note that student iPads do NOT have access to the App Store. Instead students use the Mosyle​ app pre-installed on the iPad to download pre-approved and paid for apps provided by the district. 

The director will be at the device distribution to answer additional questions as he can. We look forward to seeing your child virtually in the very near future!