Rob Surette Inspires Francis Wyman Students With His Hero Art
Thanks to the support of the Francis Wyman PTO, students were treated to an assembly featuring art and inspiration from renowned artist Rob Surette. Surette told students, "My goal for the day is to change the way you look at the world." He reminded students that they have the power to change their classrooms, their homes, and the world with their positive energy.  During the one-hour assembly, Surette impressed the students with several works of "speed art." Check out the paintings of Albert Einstein and Nelson Mandela below which were both completed in just minutes.
Artist Rob Surette
Artist Rob Surette's Nelson Mandela

Surette was gracious enough to stop in into Miss Vigneau's third grade art class and share some of his expertise. He told students that their two responses to a learning challenge should be either "I can do it" or "I can learn."

Surette was in the news recently for the amazing Lego art he created with some elementary students in Peabody  The finished artwork looked like Tom Brady from one side and Bill Belichick from the other. For more background on Surette's amazing career, check out the video below.