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Weekly Bulletin - January 18, 2019

Weekly news and pictures from this week at FWS!

Dates to Remember

January 21 - No School, Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 24 - Grade 3 Goes to the Symphony

January 24 - FAMILY MATH NIGHT!     6:30 - 8:00pm, see below for details

January 31 - Grade K Goes to the Aquarium


Family Math Night - Thursday, January 24 6:30pm

Please join us for a night of mathematics!  Math Specialist, Mr. Pera, and Math Coordinator, Mrs. Fortunato are joining forces with Mathnasium to create a night of numbers for your entire family.  Come learn and enjoy new math games with the experts so you can share math fun at home every day.   We hope to see you Thursday night!


SOAR ASSEMBLY - January 18, 2019

Today we gathered to celebrate two values in our FW S.O.A.R motto... Outstanding Effort and Acts of Kindness.  Awards were received by many students for these two important traits that we model and reinforce every day at school.  Congratulations to all our recipients!  In addition, three 5th graders were selected to read a small speech they created centering on Martin Luther King Jr.'s I Have A Dream speechMs. Pavlicek visited as well with one of her very special friends, Edison, the Great-Horned Owl.  Edison is a rescue owl that our Science Center adopted and nursed back to health after a terrible accident.  Edison showed off his talents in the gymnasium today by screeching and flying above the crowd to retrieve some food.  Thanks, Ms. P  for this outstanding Act of Kindness.  Enjoy these pictures from the assembly...


I Have a Dream Speeches... Congratulations to Kanchi, Avery & Roy for being selected to share their speeches.






Ms. Pavlicek's owl, Edison


 P.A.L.S club...  This group of students was recognized for their outstanding volunteer efforts and kindness working with our friends in the LABBB classroom.  

 Outstanding Effort winners...

 Acts of Kindness winners...

 Finally, and Outstanding Effort by Jordan, one of our 1st graders, who was able to perform a rap song about the Solar System for the entire school...




Also, a great big "THANKS" to our generous FW families for your donations of tissues and sanitizing supplies for our classrooms during this cold and flu season.  We truly appreciate your generosity!

Enjoy the long weekend!

Mrs. McDonald