News from Marshall Simonds Middle School- January 10, 2021

January 12, 2021


Professional Development Day, January 13, 2021

Just a reminder that Wednesday, January 13, 2021 is a professional development day for teachers and a “no school” day for students.  

Attendance Expectations

In this past week’s video update, Dr. Conti shared the importance of students who have chosen to participate in the hybrid model being physically present in school on their in-person days.  We again recognize that in order to comply with the Daily Health Screening Checklist  and to follow additional health and safety guidelines, families may be keeping students home more often for less severe symptoms than they have in years past. 


Our recently revised schedule has resulted in increased requests, often with very short notice, for students who are participating in the hybrid model to join their class remotely on their in-person instruction days. While it is our goal to be flexible and provide students with as much consistency with instructional time, we are not able to accommodate all requests to have a student attend class remotely on their in-person days.  We will be using the following guidelines to help manage the requests for students to access instruction remotely on their in-person days. Please note that there may be extenuating circumstances that would require different action than below. These decisions are at the discretion of the building principal

Short-term Absences (Illness/Medical Reasons)

In the case of a short-term absence, where students are missing one of their primary (in-person) instruction days,  we will not be able to provide them a fully remote experience. Students are encouraged to check their Google Classroom, reach out to a classmate, and to reach out to their teachers for the work that they missed.  


In the case of a short-term absence, where students are missing both of their primary (in-person) instruction days due to medical reasons, access to attend their core and World Languages classes remotely will be provided.  Such access will require advanced notice from families and prior approval from the nurse’s office. 


Longer-term Absences (Covide-19 Related Circumstances)

When a student is not able to be physically present in school for longer periods of time and the longer term absence is due to a Covid-19 related circumstances, we are able to make adjustments that will allow the student to engage in remote learning. Please reach out to your child’s guidance counselor if this is the case.  

Other Circumstances

We understand that there are times when a family may decide to take their child out of school for a trip/family gathering or out of concern with rising Covid-19 cases.  


We will not be able to accommodate requests for a student to attend remotely on their in-person days for travel related reasons.  This includes quarantines that result from out of state travel.


If you have concerns about your child continuing to participate in the hybrid model because of the status of the public health crisis, please contact your child’s guidance counselor to explore the process for potentially changing to the fully remote model for the remainder of the year.  We will not be able to accommodate requests for students enrolled in the hybrid model to temporarily participate in a fully remote model.

Absences on Fully Remote Days

We are required to take student attendance every day school is in session, whether it is an in-person or remote learning day for students.  If your child is not feeling well and will not be participating in remote learning on their assigned day(s), families are required to call the student absence line to inform the school that they will be absent. 

Active Participation in Virtual Classes is Expected

Earlier this year we shared our school-wide virtual meeting norms (see below). 


  • Cameras On

  • Microphones Off (unless called on to participate)

  • Chat is Only for Raising Hand or Responding to Teacher’s Prompt (no off topic conversation or “spamming”)

  • Cell Phones Off and  Away


As the new year gets underway with the revised schedule, we wanted to remind students and families of these expectations.  Engaging students who are in-person and remote presents additional challenges and we need students to meet these and other classroom expectations for participating in remote classes. Inappropriate or disruptive student behavior will be addressed in a progressive way, just as it would when students are present in the school building.  If for any reason your child is not able to follow these norms or if you have any questions, please contact your child's guidance counselor.


As some of us have learned over the past few months, if you were able to work from home, how we are dressed and our work space impacts how we feel and perform.  It is important for families to maintain a school routine, even on remote learning days.  Students should be dressed for school and seated at a workspace (whatever that may look like in your home)  when attending virtual classes.  Students should have their cell phones off and away, just like they would when present in the school building.

Virtual Culture Fest- A Message from Multicultural/Humans of BHS (a student club)-EXTENDED until January 25, 2021

The Multicultural/Humans of BHS Club, would like to inform you all about the BPS Virtual Culture Fest that is being held from December 21st up until January 3rd January 25, 2020. Through this BPS Virtual Culture Fest, we are hoping that students can celebrate and learn about each other's cultures and traditions during this Holiday season. As the club receives video, art, writing, and poetry submissions, we will post them to the club’s Twitter (@HumansBHS123) and Instagram (@multihumansofburlma) accounts! Each submission will be entered into a raffle for a True North gift card (for MSMS and BHS) and a Schoolhouse gift card (for elementary schools). 


Please see the flyer and introductory video for more information.  Students can send the submission to  Thank you for all your help in this event!

News from Burlington High School- Save the Date

Burlington High School BHS will be holding its Virtual Grade 8 Parents Night on 2/9/21 starting at 6pm.  A separate communication outlining the transition process will be sent out next week.


Shawsheen Regional Technical High School

A reminder to families of grade 8 students the deadline for applying to Shawsheen Regional Technical High School is February 1, 2021.  

Message from Food Services

The USDA has approved that Burlington Public Schools can continue to offer Free Breakfast & Lunch for all students until the end of this school year.  We hope that families will take advantage of this opportunity. If you have any questions or need assistance please contact Karen Damaso, Food Service Director at 781-270-1756 or Keri Noke, Food Service Assistant at 781-505-1166.

Kindergarten and Preschool Registration, 2021-2022

Burlington Public Schools will be holding Kindergarten Registration for the 2021-22 school year in March this year.  Information regarding the process and dates of registration will be released in February.  All registrations will take place at Burlington High School by appointment only. For more information, please contact the Student Information Office at 781-270-8179.


Additionally, the Burlington Early Childhood Center will be announcing their application process for the 2021-22 school year in March.  For more information, please contact the BECC at 781-270-1808.

District Dashboard

The district has begun using a District Dashboard to communicate Covid-19 cases in the district.  


Upcoming Coffee Hours 

We continue to host Coffee Hours to provide a forum for two way communication.  These regular informal meetings will provide us invaluable feedback about what makes Marshall Simonds great and will assist us in identifying opportunities for growth.  Because of current circumstances, we will be hosting these meetings virtually.  All meetings will begin at 6:00 pm.  Below is a list of upcoming dates for Coffee Hours.  Please RSVP here if you would like to attend.  We will email a link to you the morning of the event.


January 28, 2021

February 25, 2021

March 25, 2021

April 15, 2021

May 27, 2021

Textile Bins

You may have seen the white textile boxes located at each of the schools in Burlington.  These boxes are part of the Bay State Textiles program that focuses on spreading awareness and seeks to educate the public about the problem of unwanted textiles. There is no cost to the program and Bay State Textiles handles all of the logistics.  When you drop your unwanted textiles at the box in the front parking lot, that school receives a financial donation from the company.  A list of textiles that will be accepted can be found here  Please make MSMS your destination for donating unwanted textiles!