News from Marshall Simonds Middle School- September 3, 2019

We had an amazing first day at Marshall Simonds Middle School!  It was great to see our new and returning students and were impressed with how easily they resumed the routines of school.  Today was also our first day with our new schedule. The transition to the new schedule went well and the initial feedback has been positive. We will continue to make adjustments to schedules, as needed, in the coming days.  If you think that there is an error in your child’s schedule, please contact your child’s guidance counselor:


Grade 6 (class of 2026) Ms. Dianna Wyllie

Grade 7 (class of 2025) Mr. Bobby Conceison

Grade 8 (class of 2024) Mrs. Trish Gibbons


Schedule Resources

Here are a couple of resources to help understand the new schedule and support your child at home.


Master Schedule

This document has the time table for classes, including lunch times, and a table that shows the rotation of classes for each day.


Semester Planner (first semester)

This long-term planner lists the calendar days school is in session, what day in the rotation falls on which calendar day, and the rotation for that day.  It will be helpful in 


Opening Day Reminders

Just a few reminders for families as we get underway:


  • We ask that families do not drop their child off at the school before 7:15 am, when our morning supervision begins.

  • All students will report to their homeroom after they arrive to school, including grade 6 students. 

  • For the first week of school, students in grade 6 will be seated by team for lunch in the cafeteria.  This will help reduce the anxiety about “where to sit”, allow us time to communicate the expectations for them in the cafeteria, and give students enough time to eat their lunches.  An allergen free table will be available for each team.

  • For the first week, we will stagger dismissal.  This will allow students in grade 6 the opportunity to find their bus or make their way to to pick up area.


Beginning of the Year Forms

Today, your child was given a number of important forms that require your attention.  Please review the information, complete, and return the various forms at your earliest convenience.


Picture Day

Picture day has been scheduled for the morning of Monday, September 23, 2019.  More information about ordering will be shared with families once it is received from the photography company, Geskus.


Morning Drop-off and Afternoon Pick-up

In order to get to school on time and reduce the morning traffic volume, students are encouraged to ride their assigned bus in the mornings.  Families who are dropping their child off, should use the drop-off loop at Peach Orchard Road. Students should not arrive at school before 7:15 am, as there is no guarantee that adequate supervision will be in place.  Students who arrive past 7:35 am, will be marked tardy and should be dropped off at the main entrance. In the afternoon, we ask that you form a single lane around the perimeter of the back parking lot. The bus loop in the front of the school is closed to families in the morning and the afternoon for buses.  Please always exercise caution, patience, and model respectful behavior for our students.  


Bus Routes

The bus routes for the 2019-2020 school year were posted on the Burlington Public School’s website earlier this month.  Please follow this link to review the MSMS bus stop and approximate times.  It is very helpful if you can assist your child with identifying the bus that they should ride home in the afternoon.  


Grade Level Assemblies

Mrs. Chen Fein, Mr. Murphy, and I will regularly meet with students throughout the year, to communicate our expectations and to celebrate our successes.  This week, we will have our first grade level assemblies to discuss our Core Values and expectations for the school year.


Snacks in Classrooms

Last year, a group of students advocated for approval to have “working snacks” at the middle school.  These students made a persuasive, researched based argument, which included the district’s allergen awareness policy, the practices that exist at our elementary schools, and speaking with our school nurse.  As a result of their advocacy, teachers/teams will have the option of allowing students to have a working snack at some point in the morning. 


District Allergy Policy

Allergy Procedures & Guidelines

Letter to Families


The following guidelines have been established and may be updated or revised as necessary.  

  • Snacks will only be allowed in team classrooms. This will allow us to more closely monitor the specific health needs of students.

  • Teachers/teams may choose not to allow snacks in their classroom for a variety of reasons.  For example, a science lab with various equipment, supplies and chemicals.

  • Teachers/teams will communicate to students and families how their team will be scheduling and handling working snacks.

  • Snacks are to be peanut/nut safe.

  • A letter will be sent to families on teams with students who have known food allergies which may result in additional ingredient restrictions so that our classroom snacks will be “known allergy safe.”



About every two weeks, we will be sending out an update that will include important information, including upcoming dates, events, and happenings.  This update will be sent by email, posted on the website, and an announcement will be made through social media.  



We are in the process of updating our website and hope that it will become a good reference for our students and families.   You are able to subscribe to the website to receive email alerts when information is updated.


Social Media

MSMS uses two different social media platforms.  Please follow us on Twitter (@MSMSBPS) and Instagram (@msmsbps).  Our facebook page will also be up and running soon.  We primarily use social media to share the awesome things that happen at MSMS everyday!


Community Coffee Hours

This year, we will again host Coffee Hours to provide a forum for two way communication.  These regular informal meetings will provide us invaluable feedback about what makes Marshall Simonds great and will assist us in identifying opportunities for growth.  This year, we are hoping to host our Community Coffee Hours at different locations throughout Burlington. We will let you know the date and location of the first Coffee Hour shortly.


Back to School Nights- Save the Dates

We are excited to provide families the opportunity to meet their child’s teachers and learn about the curricular program that Marshall Simonds Middle School offers all students.  As has been the practice, we have scheduled two Back to School Nights for early this fall. Each night will begin at 6:30 pm and end at 8:30 pm. We will send a more detailed overview of the evenings later this week.  


Grade 6 Back to School Night Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Grade 7 & 8 Back to School Night Wednesday, September 18, 2019