High School Enrollment & Curriculum

To register a student to Burlington High School please contact: 
Therese Cavanaugh 
[email protected] 
781- 270- 1827

Grades 9 - 12 Registration Packet
Affidavit Residency Form

BHS Mission & Curriculum Information

Burlington High School's mission is to develop lifelong learners and engaged community members who think creatively and critically, and who respect human differences in an increasingly diverse society. BHS students will be challenged to become the best version of themselves by developing and exhibiting accountability, adaptability and tenacity in their academic, social, and civic interactions.
- Students will generate their own questions and investigate independent topics.
- Students will work both independently and collaboratively to solve problems.
- Students will act with integrity in all academic endeavors.
- Students will demonstrate strength of character.
- Students will exhibit respect for themselves and empathy for others.
- Students will actively and responsibly participate as members of a local, global, and digital society.

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