Youth Risk Behavior

The community of Burlington has a strong commitment to keep its children safe and healthy. To this end, Burlington High School in conjunction with the Burlington Family and Youth Service department has administered the Youth Behavior Risk Survey twice over the past four years and will be administering the survey for a third time this March. 

This anonymous survey is administered to 9­-12 graders. Being able to gather and share the data with the town to put in place programs and curriculum that directly meets the changing needs of our students and strengthens their health choices is critical. The committee also analyzes the survey questions and, on occasion, amends them to help clarify the data. 

An overview of the results is provided by Jim Bryne of the Northeast Health Services. In addition to the report from Jim Bryne, a subcommittee of the Wellness Committee that includes police, BHS staff and Family Youth Service staff, analyzes all the answers with the purpose of: 

-   Learning what areas our students are displaying positive decision making and healthy choices 
-   Define areas where our students may need more support 
-   Identify trends to establish proactive measures to help kids. 

Over the past four years, the survey results have impacted the High School health curriculum, helped to determine programs that could be beneficial at the High School, guided programs that the school committee might want to implement, and offered insight into programs offered through the Burlington Youth and Family Services.