Career Speaker Sessions

Speaker sessions, which are offered to all BHS juniors and seniors, bring together students and professionals in various fields. Local professionals with expert knowledge and relevant experience meet with small groups of students to discuss their work. In these small group sessions, speakers provide students with a basic overview of the education and training required for their field, as well as an idea of the daily routine typical of an individual in that career. Although the format of these small group sessions may vary from speaker to speaker, each session concludes with an opportunity for students to ask questions and for professionals to offer advice and guidance.

During this event, students will have the opportunity to attend two different sessions, allowing them to explore a variety of career options. The sessions will be organized based on professional categories, such as:

  • Medical and Dental (e.g., occupational therapist, genetic counselor, trauma coordinator, RN, dental hygienist)
  • Engineering and Technology (e.g., software engineer, IT consultant, mechanical engineer, game programmer)
  • Education (e.g., early - secondary education teachers, school administrator, special education teachers
  • Trade and Technical (e.g., general contractor, electrician, plumber, landscaper)
  • Business and Finance (e.g., corporate sales manager, accountant, marketing consultant, entrepreneur)
  • Arts and Entertainment (e.g., musician, costume designer, theater director)
  • Science and Research (e.g., biochemist, medical research assistant)
  • Communications and Media (e.g., journalist, public relations manager, documentary filmmaker)
  • Government (e.g., state representative, workforce development in mayoral office)
  • Law Enforcement and Firefighting (e.g., police officer, FBI agent, firefighter)
  • Military (e.g., soldier, Veterans Association representative)
  • Legal Services (e.g., property lawyer, copyright lawyer)