Internship Host Information Letter

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Internship Host Information
An internship, by definition, should  include a specific learning objective.


Approved Burlington High School seniors will participate in an off-campus internship opportunity during the 4th quarter of their senior year. (April & May)  Interns are looking to gain knowledge, skills, and/or a further understanding of a particular industry of interest. Internships provide ‘real world’ knowledge and experience as well as on-the-job training opportunities that provide an experiential learning experience for all student interns.

BHS student interns are expected to intern between 25-30 hours per week.  Specific hours may be determined by the host based on the job duty and position.   Internship experiences during school hours (8:30am-3pm) tend to work best with student schedules and commitments as it relates to extra-curricular, athletic or employment responsibilities.  Student interns should not be expected to intern during the April school vacation week unless special arrangements are made with the student and intern host. 

Duties and responsibilities should include tasks and projects that fall somewhere between making copies and mission critical.  The majority of the daily duties and responsibilities of the intern should provide a meaningful learning experience.  Interns should be encouraged to take responsibility for a regular task or duty and participate in active learning.   Interns are looking for guidance to gain new skills and to hone their education and experience through hands-on work experiences that will increase their understanding of the industry and better prepare them for the workplace.  Internships may be paid or unpaid but the true focus of the internship experience is the learning.

The internship host agrees to provide guidance and feedback to the student throughout the learning process.  Feedback for interns and their ‘on the job’ learning is critical to the success of the internship experience for both the student and the host.  

Final Internship presentations will be near the end of May at Burlington High School. We hope intern hosts will join us!  Please see our Career Exploration Website to learn more about the BHS Internship Program and to see the various locations our student interns have worked!  

Burlington High School and the Business Community 
Working together for student success!

Please contact Associate Principal Deb Deacon for more information at: or 781-270-1844.