Senior Internship

The Senior Internship Program is an opportunity for students to explore a career field of interest through workplace interaction and authentic application of their skills and knowledge. Internship placements reflect a wide variety of professional paths, including: business and finance; science, engineering, and technology;  fine arts, communication and media; medical and health services; personal and community services; environmental sustainability; and education. 

The program offers students the chance to personalize their final quarter of high school and requires them to take responsibility for the design, preparation, and fulfillment of their internship experience. Students are responsible for planning their internship project, contracting their own work placement, and developing a proposal for review. Internships may be paid or unpaid with the main focus being on student learning.  

All project proposals are subject to high school administration approval.

Internships  will take place during the fourth quarter of senior year.  Students can design their internship experience as a part-time program by remaining in some classes during their fourth quarter, or they may terminate their traditional coursework at the close of quarter three and focus solely on the internship for the remainder of the school year. 

Burlington High School and the Business Community
Working together for student success!
Please contact Associate Principal Deb Deacon for more information at: or 781-270-1844

Eligibility and Preparation


Students whose project proposals have been approved, and who meet the following qualifications are eligible for the senior internship program:

  •  Students must be scheduled for sufficient credits/courses to receive a diploma in June.
  • The student must be in good standing academically and may not have violated the discipline policy or the attendance policy as outlined in the student handbook.
  • Students must have teacher approval, verified by a completed Teacher Approval Form, and no outstanding obligations.
  • Students enrolled in AP courses, must remain in those courses until the completion of the AP exam.  Students may participate in the Internship Program on an abbreviated basis until the completion of the exams, pending teacher approval and approval from the internship host.  


Prior to the start of the internship, each student will submit a proposal establishing the guidelines, expectations and deadlines for their intern study project.  The proposal must include the following materials:

  • Letter of Intent detailing student goals for the internship
  • Rationale for the internship activity
  • Current resume and transcript
  • Site hours (schedule)
  • Site name (business/school/location), and host/mentor name and contact information
  • Letter of acceptance from host site
  • Description of final project

Internship locations should be secured by the student; however, the BHS internship committee will be available to discuss and assist students in locating appropriate placements.


The proposal is an integral component of the Internship project.  The proposal, written by the student, should provide a detailed roadmap for the planned activities the student will participate in throughout the internship timeline. (Type of internship, schedule, activities of a ‘typical day’ etc.) 

All students must work with an expert in the field of study at the internship site.  The host is the off-site contact person responsible for overseeing the student throughout the internship program.   Each day the student is to report to the internship host at the off campus site.

Students semester grade for each course will be determined by the third quarter grade.
Permission Slip:   Students will secure parent permission, internship host permission placement, and an internship sponsor, as part of their completed application for the Internship Program.

Each project proposal will include a schedule of the student’s day.  At any time the school may visit or contact the student during the internship period.  If the student does not adhere to the original project proposal/schedule, the student may be returned to school for completion of the semester including the completion of all final exams.

The mentor/advisor will be a liaison at BHS who assists students with the completion of the project.  Students will check in regularly with his/her mentor/advisor to be sure deadlines and timelines are met. 

Students will represent Burlington High School positively at all times. Students will respect and follow the expectations of their employer/sponsor at all times. Students will fulfill all academic obligations required of the internship.

Contract signed by all parties involved in Internship.

Students will schedule a meeting with the internship advisor before the internship starts, and communicate with the advisor weekly as a check in.

The student will complete a presentation to teachers/administrators/students at the culmination of the experience.  This presentation can take many forms, but will be described in detail as part of the student proposal.

Students will submit their completed application packet to Internship Coordinator/Ms. Deacon no later than deadline.

At the midpoint and at the culmination of the project, students will be required to submit a Host Evaluation  (see attached) and each week the student intern is required to submit a weekly progress report to his advisor at Burlington High School.

At the completion of each week, the student will be required to fill out a reflection form based on his/her internship experience and his/her personal growth as a result of the experience.

Flipped Internship

Students come into the school as if it were a real job. The develop a proposal, track progress in Trello and present results to the community. Projects include:

  • Apps in iOS and Javascript
  • Games in Unity
  • Programming with c++ and Java
  • Drone photography and GIS
  • Hardware with Arduino’s

MITRE engineers launched this program to inspire the next generation. They work with BHS teachers to match mentors with students. Mentors:

  • Listen
  • Offer feedback
  • Recommend resources
  • Encourage
  • Share their career path from high school to career

Mentors meet with students once a week, at lunch on Friday or breakfast on Wednesday (we provide bagels and pizza) “Office Hours” or via a virtual meeting. Dates and times to be determined.

Host Information

An internship, by definition, should  include a specific learning objective. Approved Burlington High School seniors will participate in an off campus internship opportunity during the 4th quarter of their senior year. Interns are looking to gain knowledge, skill, and/or further understanding of a particular industry of interest to them. Unlike classroom learning, students gain internship knowledge from on-the-job experience providing an experiential learning experience for all students.

Student interns are expected to intern between 25-30 hours per week from April 2nd through May 18th.  Hours will be determined by the host.  April school vacation is April 16th-April 20th.  Students should not be expected to intern during this week unless special arrangements are made with the student and intern host.

Duties and responsibilities should include tasks and projects that fall somewhere between making copies and mission critical.  The majority of the intern’s daily duties and responsibilities should provide a meaningful learning experience.  Interns should be encouraged to take responsibility for a regular task or duty and participate in active learning.   The primary goal of an internship program is a focus on learning. Interns are looking for guidance, to gain skill, and to hone their education with hands-on work experiences that will increase their understanding of the industry and prepare them for the workplace.

The internship host provides guidance and feedback facilitating the learning process.  Interns want to learn and feedback on their ‘on the job’ learning is critical to the success of the internship experience for the student and the host.