Mentor Role

MITRE engineers launched the “Flipped Internship” with BHS in 2018, bringing an internship experience into the High School. Industry mentors come to the school during “office hours” on Fridays to guide students with Capstone projects. We continue to partner with MITRE on this innovative program, and we welcome professionals from area companies join us.  

As a mentor, you make a tremendous difference; we have found that even a few brief meetings with a mentor can have a positive impact on students. We’ve seen first hand how industry professionals help students complete their projects, and guide them toward their future goals. Mentors are an integral part of our team.

Typically, you and our other mentors meet with one or more students during our “office hours”.  Meeting times are short, 30 – 45 minutes at most.  We will match mentors based on your experience and students’ needs. We like to match mentors before office hours if possible, but we can match you on the spot as well.

· Acting almost like a supervisor, you will check-in to see what progress students have made, and where they encountered obstacles. Students may need your help to brainstorm solutions or resources, and to set realistic goals to find their way forward.

· Students and staff may rely on you as a subject matter expert. Students have a wide range of technology interests, often outside of the scope of what we normally teach, so we need your expertise to help solve technical issues along the way.

· As a mentors you can also help with general career guidance, review student resumes in late May, and hear student presentations.  We’ve also had mentors do mini-lectures, 15-30 minutes long, on topics like Agile, Trello, Github, python, and cyber-security. By sharing your career experiences and expertise, you help students see beyond the classroom and college.

· Finally, when students are in college the following year, and looking for student internships, you can play a role in helping students build a professional network

- Go to Central Office (located in the same building as the High School but it has a separate entrance in the back of the building).
- Ask for Sharon, and let her know you are working in the Internship Program.
- She will need a picture ID, mother's maiden name, last 6 digits of SSN, current and past address, height and eye color.