Future Innovators Pathway

Take charge of your future! The BHS Future Innovators Pathway Program gives students the opportunity to explore careers, learn skills, and gain college credits.

This program is part of a statewide High Quality College and Careers Initiative to expand students’ access to hands-on learning and career exploration in high-demand careers. Burlington received two state grants to make the program possible: Innovation Pathway Grant and a Skills Capital Grant

 To learn more about this program, you can sign-up online, talk with your guidance counselor, or meet with a computer science or technology integration teacher. No prior computer science experience or honors level courses are required and any student can receive academic support as needed.

 The program reflects Burlington High School’s goal to foster students’ interest and focus on becoming lifelong learners and engaged community members who think creatively and critically about real world applications and are prepared for college and careers.  

Burlington Future Innovators are featured in the Governor’s STEM Week Videos