Mentor Orientation Information 2019

Burlington High School Career Exploration

Burlington Public High School offers seniors who are interested in computer science careers, the option of a completing a Fourth Quarter Capstone Technology Project or Certification Program. Industry mentors are an important part of the experience for students.

123 Cambridge Street
Burlington MA
Lower Library - Students come into the school as if it were a real job.

Volunteer Mentors from technology companies meet with students once a week, either at lunch or breakfast (we provide bagels and pizza) for weekly “Office Hours” or via a virtual meeting.

April 8 - May 18 [ no meetings the week of April 15th ]
Breakfast Office Hour - Wednesdays at 8:30 - 9: 30 am
Lunch Office Hour - Fridays at 11:30 am - 12:30

- Students will share their progress and mentors
- Listen
- Offer feedback
- Recommend resources
- Encourage
- Share their career path from high school to career

Burlington High School teachers are always available during Office Hours, and will match Mentors and students  

This program was initiated by two engineers from MITRE, who wanted to share their passion for technology and inspire the next generation. They continue to lead this effort and can talk with your company or volunteers

- Go to Central Office (located in the same building as the High School but it has a seperate entrance).
- Ask for Sharon, and let her know you are working in the Internship Program.
- She will need a picture ID, mother's maiden name, last 6 digits of SSN, current and past address, height and eye color.  

Spring 2019 Projects

Game and App development using Javascript

Beginning level students will be following an online curriculum from to create apps and games in Javascript. It would be helpful to have someone who understands coding to help explain basics like variables, conditions and boolean equations.

C# Unity Game Development

Students who have some programming experience will explore game development in Unity.  Often students need help trouble-shooting, debugging and planning next steps.

App Development for IOS using Xcode

Advanced students are working with Apple’s app development language to create apps to solve problems at the school. They need help with trouble-shooting and project planning, and designing with user experience in mind.

Learning Java and Python

Students will be using online programs to explore new programming languages, and they need experienced programmers in Java and Python to review their code, offer encouragement and share how these languages are used at work.


We have a large group of students are creating videos for the school while working toward their Drone Pilot Licenses, and they need guidance from professionals who are interested in drones, project planning, collecting data, and GIS.  


Four students are planning to build a robots or explore using Raspberri Pi and Ardruino’s to control parallax robots, and need help planning their project and troubleshooting.

Cloud Computing

Advanced students are exploring online lesson in cloud computing, learning about chatbots, machine learning and data analysis, and they need professionals familiar with AWS, Azure or Google Cloud to help them advance their knowledge.

Research & Marketing

We have four students doing research on Middle School attitudes about computer science, and want to find ways to market comp sci to girls.  They need help with survey planning and guidance in creating and executing a marketing strategy on a small scale.

Technology used in business

Several students are working on industry certifications in Excel and Salesforce.

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to do this! What do I do next?

Email your preferred Office Hour and areas of expertise.  Please plan to come in ½ hour early the first day to complete a CORI form and meet teachers and our other Mentors.

Do I have to be an engineer to participate?

No, It’s great for students to see the variety of careers that are available in the “real world”. We welcome professionals with any background who want to inspire and guide students.

What professional skills are you looking for?

  • Programming languages, Javascript, C# for Unity, Xcode, Java and Python
  • Cloud computing platforms AWS, Azure and Google Cloud
  • Project planning tools, Microsoft Excel & Salesforce
  • User Design, Web development and App development for Android and iPhone
  • Drones, 3D printing,  Raspberri Pi & Arduino’s
  • Research & Marketing
  • Sales, teaching students how to present ideas
  • Human Resources - helping with career readiness & LinkedIn

What do I do? Is there training?

We don’t offer formal training because mentors have such limited time. Experienced Mentors and teachers are with you every step of the way.

I want to get involved but can’t commit to every week.

It’s okay!  The program allows volunteers to have the flexibility to miss sessions due to work deadlines or travel schedules.

I want to help, but not at those times.

We can work around your schedule.  

Do a few hours really make a difference?

YES! It’s amazing the transformation we see in a students when “real world” professionals take the time to hear about their project.

I’d like to do a workshop for the students.

We encourage companies to do lightning talks for the kids.  Technical topics or career sessions are incredibly valuable to these young people.