Program Details

Students take college level coursework at Burlington High School in computer science, including two AP options or a dual enrollment course with Middlesex Community College. Students also explore technology applications in the real-world through two additional courses in design, business, game development, drone use, or engineering.

Work-related experience
The pathway leads to a Senior Capstone Project, with mentors from industry partners like MITRE, who meet weekly with students. Students also have the opportunity to earn industry certifications aligned with industry.

Academic Support
For students new to technology, we provide academic support throughout the program.

Career Exploration
Through career exploration programs at BHS, students gain insight into their strengths and interests, research careers in computer science, and visit technology companies. Students attend workshops to help them apply for college and jobs. Students explore careers in software development, web and app development, robotics, cloud computing, data science, and artificial intelligence through virtual tours and guest speakers.

Program Requirements

Exploratory Courses

 Choose One
Tech Integration I
- Exploring Computer Science
- Computer Art Foundation

Choose One
Tech Integration II
- Creative Business Tech
- Robotics
- Web Design

College Level Courses

Choose Two:

[ Elective Credits ]

- AP Computer Science Principals 
- AP Computer Science A

[ Exploratory Credit]
Duel Enrollment

- Intro To Programming

Career Exploration Activities

Career Workshops
- Workshops are held three times a year to expand students’ awareness of career options and growing occupations in the Burlington area. Topics include interest inventories, researching career and companies clusters, and doing virtual job shadows.
- Job Readiness Workshops in Junior and Senior year will be held to prepare students for potential future job shadow/internship opportunities ( social media awareness, how to prepare for the first day of work, how to write a resume and thank you letter.)

Job Shadow Day
Students explore their chosen field by spending a day visiting a company and shadowing professionals in their field of interest.  Companies can have one student shadow an employee for a few hours in the morning, or bring in a group of students for an orientation and then assign them to different departments. The experiences are shaped by what is best for each company and student.

Career Speakers Day
Career Panels:  Students select (2) career panels, held during the school year focused on an in-demand industry as identified by the Metro North Regional Employment Board’s regional plan. Last year over 60 speakers from the Burlington area participated in this annual event.

CS Ed Week
During computer science education week, speakers from industry exhibit and speak to students, giving students an opportunity to learn about new technologies and careers.

Industry Tours
Students enrolled in the program will have two experiences in the academic year where they will be excused from their traditional classes to visit a technology company.  Companies have included Amazon Robotics, Microsoft, Synopsys, Mimecraft, iRobot and MITRE.

Capstone Projects

- Develop a website for a local business
- Solve a problem by creating an app for ios or Android
- Analyze data to answer questions about a field such as biology, physics, or sociology
- Investigate cyber security, robotics, 3D printing, or drones
- Develop a Game

Students choose from a list of project ideas developed by industry professionals and BHS teachers. Students meet with faculty advisors to identify the project that is best related to their career goals and skill level, and submit a proposal to the school’s Internship Review Team.   

Mentors from local technology companies, such as MITRE, play an important role in the program, providing guidance to students during weekly “Office Hours” . Mentors also lead workshops on topics such as the cybersecurity, project management and using Github.

Each week, students update their status and complete a reflection activity.  At the end of the Capstone Project, students give a presentation to the school and community, write a project summary and reflection, send a thank you letter to their mentor, and add the project to their resume.