2021/2022 Program Of Studies

| Letter from BHS Principal |

Dear Parents and Students,

It is a pleasure to share with you the Burlington High School Program of Studies for 2021-2022.  This Program of Studies has been developed so that our students will have access to a well-rounded four-year educational program.  As you review the content, I believe that you will be impressed by the academic strength of the curriculum and the diversity of the curricular offerings. The courses offered at Burlington High are designed to foster the scholastic achievement, responsible citizenship and social skills necessary for success after high school.

In addition to describing classes, the Program of Studies provides information about graduation requirements, credits, grades, course levels, weighted grades, Advanced Placement courses, and special programs. The Program of Studies also identifies particular twenty first century learning skills that are specifically identified by each department. 

Students are expected to select classes that are academically challenging and provide rewarding learning opportunities in areas of interest.  It is important that students and parents review the course offerings for each department before completing the online registration. Teachers, counselors, department heads, and administrators are available to assist students and parents in making these selections.  

The scheduling process begins in February and will be completed in June. Student schedules will be mailed home over the summer.  During the later part of the registration process, honoring requests for changes becomes increasingly difficult.  Therefore, it is essential that students complete the registration process as early as possible, making the best choices available to them.

Please contact me at 781-273-7662 or email sullivan@bpsk12.org if I may be of assistance to you during the registration process.

Mark J. Sullivan

GOOGLE Doc Version - Program Of Studies

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School Organization

BHS School Mission & Values

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