Clubs & Activities

Clubs are a great way to meet students who share the same interests as you and to make new friends.  

Unless otherwise noted, all clubs are open to all students. 

Adopt-a-Class -
The Adopt-a-Class program partners local businesses with a particular class for 13 years (K-12) to raise money for scholarships. Students can earn scholarship points based on the number of hours they volunteer for approved Adopt-a-Class fundraisers and events. Activities are on morning announcements and sign-ups are in the Main Office. 
Advisor - Mrs. Cavanaugh, Guidance; Ms. DiSanto, Main Office.

African American Students Association -
This club is open to all students who wish to learn about African American history, culture and traditions and develop a sense of community through a variety of family get-togethers, field trips and presentations to the larger school community. 
Advisor - Ms. Androphy, Rm 405.

Amnesty International -
The Amnesty International Club is a vehicle that provides information to BHS students and the community to raise awareness regarding current issues that impact international human rights concerns.  Advisor - Mr. Whitten, Rm 413.

Anime Club -
The Animé Club is for any student who is interested in drawing or studying modern Japanese animé. It is also for anyone who is interested in how animé is used in film and video games. 
Advisor - Ms. Graham, Library.

Arbor Club -
Recognizing the immense impact the destruction of trees and ecosystems has on our local and global environment, the Arbor Club focuses its energy on community conservation. 
Advisor- Ms. Graham, Library.

Art Club -
Art Club is open to all students and offers time, space and materials to students to come together and create, discuss and view art.
Advisor - Ms. Chang, Rm 217.

Asian Cultural Awareness -
Student members of this group plan and organize activities that celebrate different Asian traditions and cultures.
Advisor - Ms. Chang, Rm 217.

Best Buddies -
Best Buddies is part of the LABBB Collaborative and provides students with special abilities the opportunity to participate in various activities with Burlington High School students.  These activities include: plays, dances, sporting events, arts and crafts, cookouts and dances. The students also participate in the annual Special Olympics held at Lexington High School. 
Advisor - Ms. Kennedy, Rm 216, Ms. Deacon, Assoc Principal.

Bollywood Dance - 
Bollywood dance is a fusion of traditional and classical Indian dances with the influence of some jazz, hip-hop, and modern dance. Timing, rhythm, energy, and sharp controlled expressive movements are the important elements of Bollywood Dancing!  Bollywood meets on a weekly basis, and performs at various school events. All are welcome!
Advisors- Ms. McNeill Rm 206, Ms. Sullivan, Rm 412.

Chess Club -
The Chess Club provides members the opportunity to learn the game of chess, sharpen their skills, play competitively and develop an interest in a lifelong leisure activity.  Meets in Lower Library.
Advisor- Ms. McAuliffe, Rm 203.

The BHS literary 
Advisors - Ms. Shalkowski, Rm 300, Ms. Wolfenden, Rm 315.

Color Guard -
Color Guard is open to students in all grades and members perform with the Marching Band during competitions, parades and football games. Tryouts are held each spring.
Advisor - Ms. Zoe Giordano.

Dance Squad - The Dance Squad is a high energy group of dancers involved in many Burlington High activities and sporting events. 
Advisor - Ms. Jenkins, Rm 132.

Debate Team -
We discuss and debate a range of topics, from political issues to community issues to whether cookies or brownies are a better dessert. We will also participate in local debate tournaments if members are interested.
Advisor TBD

DECA is a national organization that assists high school students in becoming future leaders in the fields of  marketing, management and entrepreneurship by operating through local business education programs.
Advisors - Ms. Anderson, Rm 318, Ms Trouve, Rm 317.

The Devil’s Advocate (school newspaper) - 
The Devil’s Advocate is written and edited by the students in Journalism, a full-year English elective open to all students.  Published five times annually, the newspaper covers school and community events as well as topical issues.
Advisors, Ms. Eshelman, Rm 315, Ms. Sergi, Lower Library.

The Devil’s Playlist-
Students meet to share, write, review, and discuss the impact of music on their lives.  Students also create and post reviews, as well as organize and host BHS’ Battle of the Bands.  Facebook: BHS Devils’ Playlist.
Advisor- Ms. Netishen, Rm 301.

Drama Club (Spring Play) -
This year the one act play (40 minute play) "Antigone" will be in the SPRING to prepare for the state one act festival in the spring. No prior experience is required.
Advisor- Mr. Hill, Rm 304.

Factathlon -
Factathlon takes place weekly on Thursday afternoons.  Factathlon involves volunteer students who make up intramural teams of four (4) to compete, using a quiz show format.  **This is an academic activity held second semester only.
Advisor - Ms. Graham, library.

French Club -
The French Club is open to all students who have a desire to explore the Francophone world and experience the different cultures of the French speaking world such as France, Canada, Haiti, and parts of Africa.  Students will engage in the fine arts, culinary arts, music, dance and film. The French Club will join with the other BHS clubs in participating in community service projects.
Advisor Ms. Feig, Rm 123.

Gaming Club-
Be part of our 1st year!  The Burlington High School eSports/Gaming Club is for students who are interested in competitive and recreational gaming. Students in the club have the option of competing in one or two official leagues (,, and fees for these leagues can range from between $25-50 but the fee will depend on how many students join (more students means a lower membership price). Students can still be part of the club if they can't pay the fee and/or don't to compete. We also hope to learn about game design and how games are designed and programmed. 
Advisor, Mr. Wong, Help Desk.

Girl Up Club -
Girl Up is a global organization backed by the United Nations with different chapters of the club all over the world. The club's primary goal is to raise awareness about the lack of education for girls in other countries as well as fundraising for various charities that promote access to education. At club meetings, we discuss issues in our society, plan events/fundraisers, and have fun doing a variety of different activities.. 
Advisor, Ms. Netishen, Rm 301.

Hip Hop Dance -
Hip Hop meets on a weekly basis to practice dance routines that are developed by the students and performed at various school events, including the Pep Rally and Varsity Basketball games.  All are welcome.
Advisors- Ms. McNeill Rm 206, Ms. Sullivan, Rm 412.

Idle Hands Improv Club -
We meet weekly in the Lower Library or in the Main Lobby. You don't have to have had previous experience in theatre or improvisation to come and play games with us. We also welcome audience members at every rehearsal. 
Advisor - Mr. Hill, Rm 304. 

Italian Club -
The Italian Club offers students an opportunity to extend their study of the culture, history and language of Italy. 
Advisor - Sra. Hoerle, Rm 104 .

Latin Club -
The Latin Club meets regularly to promote interest and enjoyment of the Latin language and culture. 
Advisor - Mr. Stringer, Rm 102.

Math League -
Math League students compete once a month in various rounds of selected advanced mathematical problems.
Advisor - Ms. McNeill, Rm 206, Ms. Palmer, Rm 204.

Medical Careers Club -
The Medical Careers Club members explore the field of medicine and all the opportunities medicine has to offer.  Members are exposed to medical professionals from varied disciplines in the healthcare industry, and participate in events that focus on the study of medicine and research! 
Advisors - Ms. Carey, Rm 146, Mr. Tota, Rm 147

Model United Nations Club -
Model UN studies international problems in an active, problem-centered way and participates in regional meetings throughout the school year. 
Advisor - Dr. Gould, Rm 401.

Multicultural Club -
The Multicultural Club is open to all students. The club is established to develop a greater awareness of our multicultural community, foster respect for diversity, and help interested students learn about each other’s cultures in a non-academic setting.
Advisors - Ms. Chang, Rm 217, Ms Crossman, Rm 303.

Musical Theater -
This year the full-scale musical theater production “Elf” will start in the FALL.  Auditions are held in late September. Students are required to sing, act, dance, or move. 
Director - Mr. Friedman.

National Honor Society (NHS) -
The NHS is a national organization of students who have demonstrated an enthusiasm for scholarship, high standards of character, willingness to render service, and assume leadership roles.  Candidates eligible for selection as a member of this chapter must have a minimum cumulative weighted score of 3.0. Once inducted, each member is expected to continue to demonstrate the high standards that were the basis of selection. Those who are found in violation of the code may be removed from the NHS following a due process review and hearing. 
Advisors - Ms. Abbott, Rm 100.

Peer Education/ Alcohol Education -
This prevention program is open to a select group of juniors and seniors.  Students learn about peer group leadership, decision-making skills, available alcohol and substance abuse programs, and other skills relevant to leading groups.  Students who successfully complete the training program work with small groups of seventh grade students at the Marshall Simonds Middle School. The membership of the organization is open to any Burlington resident, high school student and high school teacher. 
Advisor - Ms. Weeden, Rm. 152. 

Peer Tutoring-
Peer Tutors are students in grades 10-12, who commit to being available to tutor students struggling in a particular subject area. Students who sign up to be tutors should have earned at least a B as a final grade in that subject and will be asked for a teacher endorsement. Students who are looking for extra help in a subject are encouraged to request a Peer Tutor at any time.
Advisor - Ms.Conceison, Bridge Room

Photography Club - The Photography Club will be dedicated to serving its members in expanding their knowledge base. 
Advisor - Ms. Djordjevic, Rm 219.

Poetry Club -
We are dedicated to the exploration and appreciation of the poetry that exists all around us.  Weekly meetings center on writing and sharing poetry inspired by prompts and themes generated by the group. We also work to bring poetry to BHS, making it more accessible to the student population through poetry slams, writing workshops, and other events highlighting all there is to love about poetry. The club is ideal for aspiring poets interested in developing their work, as well as those who engage in poetry as readers – not as writers. Consistent attendance required for slam team members only.. We encourage all BHS students to drop in and see what we’re doing.
Advisors - Ms. Graham, Library, Ms. Janovitz, Rm 320.

Programming Club -
A group of students who are interested in programming and helping their fellow students learn more about programming. We will work together to teach other different skills in programming and participate in various programming events and competitions.  Meetings every other week on Mondays.
Advisor Mr. Wong, Help Desk.

Recreation Club -
The Recreation Club participates in adventurous outdoor activities.
Advisors - Mr. Gustafson and Mr. Sweeney, Gym/Athletic Office.

Red Trebles (formerly Glee Club) - 
Open to all students who love music.  We are a contemporary a cappella vocal ensemble.  We perform contemporary hits as well as traditional choral literature, and we foster a fun and inclusive environment.   We meet on Fridays from 2:15 to 3:15 in the chorus room. All rehearsals are mandatory. We perform 4-5 times per year at music concerts and community events. 
Advisor- Ms. Weller, Chorus Room.

Robotics Club -
Members of the Robotics Club use different materials to design and build interactive devices to accomplish predetermined tasks. 
Advisors - Mr. Khan, Rm 212, Ms. Palmer, Rm 204.

SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) -
Member of this club stand up for positive decisions.This club initiates a variety of school wide efforts, such as  fundraising for a cause, the “don't text and drive campaign,” and assembly speakers.
Advisor- Ms. Doughty Rm 150.

School Store -
A unique club that partners closely with the Business Department. It is open during lunch periods, and provides students an opportunity to put theories they learn into practical use.   Students are responsible for the accounting, marketing and operations of the store. Students are welcome to apply to work in the store (across from the entrance to the Cafeteria) during lunch periods.  Acceptance of the student is based on availability and academic standing.
Advisors - Ms. Anderson, Rm 318, Ms. Trouve, Rm 317.

Senior Retro - This is the senior slideshow shown at the end of the year at the Senior Banquet.  Students interested in participating should contact Mr. Mistler via email or in person. 
Advisor- Mr. March-Mistler, MSMS. 

Spanish Club - The Spanish Club provides members with an opportunity to expand their knowledge and appreciation of Spanish culture. 
Advisor - Ms. Dacey, Rm 113.

Spectrum/ Gay Straight Trans Alliance-
Open to all students who support various issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity.  Spectrum provides a safe and informal place where students can talk about their feelings and experiences as well as educate the school community about sexual orientation, gender roles/gender non-conformity, homophobia and transphobia.  Meet in room 409. 
Advisor Ms. Bularzik, room 310.  

Stage Crew -
This club meets weekly in the fall, learning skills and bonding as a team.  Then, members are chosen for building crew, running crew, spotlight, fly rigging operators, etc.  Some members can be trained to be sound or lighting technicians, stage managers, etc. The crew becomes a vital group that helps the fall play and the spring musical run smoothly and effectively.
Advisors - Mr. Middleton-Cox, Music Office, Mr. Porter- .

Student Council -
Student Council is an activity modeled after local, state, and national governance. In order to run for elected office, candidates must obtain nomination papers with signatures; attend a candidates meeting; deliver a speech in front of their constituents; and eventually win an election. Each class elects five officers and eight representatives. Individual class officers and representatives meet regularly with their advisors after school. The Executive Board, comprised of elected officers with at least one year of Student Council experience, oversees the Council as a whole, and administers the Student Council by-laws and amendments. Plenary sessions, organized and conducted by the Executive Board, are held once a month, either during school or in the evening. In addition, the student body annually elects representatives to the State Advisory Council (SAC) and the School Committee Advisory Board (SCAB), two groups that report regularly to the local and statewide boards with responsibility for educational policy. 
Advisor - Ms. Fishel, Rm 418, Mr. Milton, Rm 410.

Students for Environmental Action (SEA) Club - 
Club that promotes environmental awareness within the school and Burlington community.  We meet 2-3 times per month and plan school and town events, such as electronics recycling and storm drain tagging, to get the town of Burlington involved with local environmental issues. 
Advisors - Ms. Diozzi, Guidance Office, Ms. Graham, Rm 134. 

Yearbook - 
Students of all grades are welcome to join in the publication of the BHS yearbook.  Student positions include editors, designers, photographers, and business representatives. 
Advisors - Ms. DeRosa, Rm 207, Ms. McAuliffe, Rm 203.

NOT RUNNING 2019-2020

Destination Imagination -  This club competes in DI, an international creativity competition. Students form teams of up to seven people and work to create skits, props, towers, and/or machines to solve open-ended challenges for a tournament in March. Many members of the Destination Imagination Club also mentor DI teams of elementary or middle school students.
Advisor - Ms. Czerwinski, room 145.

Film Club - Students host monthly film screenings, followed by talk-backs that allow viewers to discuss the themes and film techniques evident in the movies we watch. We also plan weekend trips to local movie theaters to see and discuss contemporary films.
Advisors: Ms. Lapsley, Rm 210.

Science Olympiad - Students with a strong interest in Science compete against other schools on an ongoing basis to determine a champion at the end of the year.  The BHS Science Olympiad Team is a group of students dedicated to the knowledge and application of science, technology, and engineering. We compete in monthly meets where we perform many STEM related challenges, from testing our knowledge on neurology to maneuvering robotic arms.  No prior experience is required to be part of Science Olympiad and to have fun with science!
Advisors - Ms. Carey, room 146 , &  Ms. Czerwinski, room 145. Club - Students will collaborate on an idea and then present in a Ted talk style presentation. The club is most suitable for students who are interested in technology and developing their teamwork and presentation skills. BHS was one of 100 schools (out of 500 applications) chosen to pilot the club this year.  Meetings will be after school on Monday at Help Desk in the Lower Library.
Advisor- Mr. Wong, Help Desk.