Independent Studies Program

Grade 12
900 AP Directed Seminar (non-leveled) 

Semester course 5 per/7 day cycle  – 2 ½ credits
This is a non– leveled, pass/fail credited course available to senior students enrolled in 3 or more AP courses. It is important to help students identify signs of stress, how it affects them, and what they can do about it. This directed study period will allow students to manage academic stressors brought on by extremely rigorous academic demands. The focus of this course will be on stress reduction and time management. This directed study will be overseen by a guidance or administrative staff member.  At different times during the semester students will be required to meet with the school’s adjustment counselor, school psychologist, and other staff to help manage stress levels. 


902 Field Studies (non-leveled)
Credit to be arranged
Semester 1 or semester 2

The purpose of the Field Studies Program is to give students the opportunity to explore career interests through direct experience with staff at Burlington High School during the school day.  Through these career explorations, students will have the opportunity for personal growth and development and some experiential basis for making career decisions. All Field Studies placements are finalized through Mr. Attubato, Support Services Coordinator.  Academic credit will be given and prorated on the number of hours per week involved in the Field Studies experience. See your counselor for further information.


905 Burlington Science Center Aide (non-leveled)
Credit to be arranged

This is an opportunity for students to help out in the Burlington Science Center. This course can only be taken in lieu of a study period in addition to a normal course load.  The Center houses over 60 different live animals. Students will have the opportunity to learn all aspects of animal husbandry.  This will include the handling of live animals, maintenance and care of animal living spaces and animal diet preparation. They will also assist with packaging of Science Center materials and school programs.  Students must be up-to-date with all current vaccinations. Students must see Ms. Pavlicek in the Science Center before signing up for this opportunity.


Grade 11, 12
908 Career/Community Service Intern Program (C.V.I.P.) (non-leveled) 
Semester 1 and/or semester 2 Credit to be arranged

The Senior Internship Program at Burlington High School will provide eligible seniors the opportunity to maximize an authentic learning experience working in the ‘real world’ during the 4th quarter of their senior year.  Students will have the opportunity to experience and interact with colleagues in a workplace setting. Internships are available in a variety of work experiences in business, social services and health agencies, government, science, education, entertainment and service industries.  The opportunities are as diverse as the students who explore these opportunities.Student interns will complete a presentation to teachers/administrators/students at the culmination of his/her internship experience. Students will set up a table in the lower library in a career fair/job fair style format and have visual displays and be ready to answer any questions about their internship experience.

Grades 11, 12 
Independent Study (non-leveled) 
Semester course Credit to be arranged
Approval by the Department Chairperson

Independent Study course involves independent student work as the primary mode of instruction augmented by required interactions with a faculty member acting as an advisor or monitor of the student’s work. The independent study is offered in all curriculum areas. To be approved for this course, the student must create a program of study that includes a description of the topic, a methodology of assessment, and a schedule of work. The student must also secure a faculty adviser who is free to meet with the student during the school day. The supervising faculty member and the student will document the course topic, learning outcomes, scope of work, and number of hours expected for student work. Approval for this course will be made by administration. This course cannot serve as a graduation requirement, but a chance for a student to expand beyond the Burlington High School Program of Studies.

Grades 10, 11, 12 
941 Peer Tutoring (non-leveled) 

Semester course Credit to be arranged
This is an opportunity for students to help other students by tutoring them in a subject they have done wbusinessell in. This course can only be taken in lieu of a study period in addition to a normal course load. Students must have earned at least a B as a final grade in the subject they offer to tutor and must receive an endorsement from a teacher in that subject area. Students must see Ms. Minty in the Guidance Office before signing up for this opportunity. Grading will be on a pass/fail basis. Students will be expected to keep a weekly log of tutoring sessions and/or consultations with teachers and to also offer at least one hour a week of tutoring outside of the school day. 

Grades 10,11, 12
942 Library Field Study (non-leveled) 

Semester course  Credit to be arranged
This is an opportunity for students to assist in the BHS Library. This course can only be taken in lieu of a study period in addition to a normal course load.  By fostering a love of reading, providing essential resources, and developing critical 21st century skills, the goal of the library is to support BHS’s mission statement. To help meet this goal, Library Field Study students will be expected to perform routine circulation and clerical tasks, assist students with locating materials using the catalog, organize materials, shelve books, help with light cleaning, work on displays, and develop creative projects. Students who do not have time available in their schedule may assist before/after school for volunteer hours. Interested students must see Ms. Graham in the BHS Library before signing up for this opportunity.