Mathematics Program

Consistent with the school’s mission and 21st Century Learning Skills, The Mathematics Department at Burlington High School offers a challenging, relevant, and dynamic curriculum that is fully aligned with The March 2017 Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks incorporating the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. The Mathematics Program is based on sequencing rather than grade level. All prerequisite courses have been designed to ensure readiness in subsequent courses, as well as to ensure an appropriately challenging course sequence for each Burlington High School student. 

21st Century Learning Expectations 
Students enrolled in courses in the Mathematics Department will be cognizant of Burlington High School’s 21st century learning expectations. Specifically, students enrolled in all mathematics courses will think critically, communicate effectively, solve problems resourcefully, and collaborate successfully. The skills developed in mathematics courses will allow students to generate their own questions. Students will foster this curiosity to investigate areas of interest independently. Students will work both independently and collaboratively to solve problems. Lastly, students will participate in a classroom environment where they are expected to act with integrity in all academic endeavors and to exhibit respect for themselves and empathy for others, preparing them for post-secondary success. 

Satisfying Prerequisites/ Opt Out Process
If students do not fulfill a prerequisite by successfully completing the course on ground at BHS, they may opt out of the prerequisite course by earning a 90% or higher an Opt Out Exam;  Opt Out Exams are cumulative exams covering Honors level coursework for the prerequisite course.

Students wishing to sit for an Opt Out Exam must submit a written request using this form to the Mathematics Department Chairman no later than March 31; all examinations must be completed before April vacation.  Students must have a 90% or higher in their current math class to be eligible to sit for the exam.

Please note, a grade of 90% or higher on a prerequisite opt out exam will allow a student to skip the course in their mathematical sequence, but will not earn credits toward graduation, and the course will not appear on the student’s official transcript or in the student’s GPA.  The completion of 20 credits in mathematics is required for graduation.  Students may not take the same Opt Out Exam twice; if the requirements are not met, the student must take the course on ground at BHS to earn the prerequisite credit.

Teacher Recommendations and Leveling
When considering an effective sequence of courses in mathematics, proper placement is paramount. The Mathematics Department offers courses at each of Burlington High School’s three levels: Honors, College Preparatory, and Foundational. In February, classroom teachers will make course and level recommendations for each of their students aimed at giving each student a challenging classroom experience, as well as the best possible chance to succeed.

Mathematics Elective Courses
860 Reasoning and Argumentation (Honors)– Grades 11, 12 

Possible Course Sequence By Grade

 8 9 10 11 12
Gr. 8 Math 
Geometry H Algebra II H Pre-Calculus H AP Calculus (AB/BC)
AP Statistics
Gr. 8 Math Algebra I H Geometry H

Geometry CP or H & 
Algebra II H

Algebra II H

Pre- Calculus H

Pre-Calculus H or
AP Statistics
2 Semester Courses

AP Calculus (AB or BC) or Calculus H or
AP Statistics
2 Semester Courses

Gr. 8 Math Algebra I CP Geometry CP & Algebra II CP

Geometry CP
*Possible addition of integrated math I/II CP

Calculus CP

Algebra II CP 
*Possible addition of math review CP

AP  Statistics or
Calculus H or 2 semester courses

AP Statistics or Pre-Calculus CP or Algebra III CP or2 semester courses

Gr. 8 Math Essentials For
Algebra I CP

 Algebra I CP & Integrated Math I/II CP

Geometry CP Algebra II CP
*Possible addition of math review CP
Gr. 8 Math Foundational Math I
Math II 
Foundational Math III
( FOU )
Math IV

*AP Statistics may be taken any time after successful completion of Algebra II (233 with an A or 234 with a B or better) - including concurrently or in lieu of another course such as Pre-Calculus or Calculus, but MAY NOT break up a sequence from Algebra II to Pre-Calculus to Calculus.

Semester Courses

Mathematics Course Descriptions