Physical Education Program

Physical Education is a required course for all students in each of their four years.  This program is designed to promote physical, mental, emotional, and social well being by developing an understanding of the balance between these components and their impact on wellness.  Consistent with the school’s mission and 21st Century Learning Skills, the Health and Physical Education Department employs a variety of instructional techniques within the structure of its classes, calling for students to work independently and collaboratively to solve problems based on curricular demands.  Students will develop their own questions throughout our HE/PE classes and take steps to investigate the impact of their choices and decision making on their mental/emotional, social, and physical health. Due to the nature and scope of the topics outlined within our program’s curriculum (healthy choices and decision making, physical activity, bullying, social media, societal/peer pressures revolving around nutrition, addiction, sexuality, etc.) students will consistently exhibit and demonstrate integrity in academic endeavors, and responsibly participate as members of a local, global, and digital society, specifically in regards to demonstrating respect for themselves and empathy for others.  All courses are subject to change based on any foundational changes to the academic schedule. 

Required Courses

Course Descriptions