Social Studies Program

Consistent with the school’s mission and 21st Century Learning Skills, students enrolled in all Social Studies courses are presented with the opportunity to develop skills that teach them accountability, adaptability and tenacity in their academic, social, and civic interactions. Through participating in the Social Studies curriculum, students will be taught to generate their own questions regarding the content of each course, including, but not limited to, the themes of personal and public identities; concern for sources and their relevance; change over time; cause and effect; hypothesizing; compare and contrast; and local, state, national and global challenges. Students will be provided with opportunities to investigate independent topics of interest relating to history, geography, civics and economics. Students will work both independently and collaboratively to solve problems.  Lastly, students will be held to high standards of both personal and academic behavior, which will serve to encourage them to act with integrity in all academic endeavors and to exhibit respect for themselves and empathy for others.

Burlington High School students are required to take three years of Social Studies. The required course sequence is as follows:

Required courses

Grade  9  (Class of 2024): U.S. History I (Honors, CP, FOU)

Grade 10 (Class of 2023): U.S. History II (Honors, CP, FOU) or AP US History

Grade 11 (Class of 2022): World History II (Honors, CP, FOU) or AP World History

Social Studies Electives

  • Advanced Placement World History (AP) – Grades 11, 12
  • Advanced Placement United States History (AP) – Grades 10, 12
  • Advanced Placement Psychology (AP) – Grades 11, 12
  • Advanced Placement Human Geography (AP) – Grade 12
  • Psychology (Honors, CP) – Grades 11, 12
  • Sociology (Honors, CP) – Grades 11, 12
  • Introduction to Law (Honors, CP) – Grades 11, 12
  • Modern America: 1968-Present (Honors, CP) – Grades 11, 12
  • Holocaust and Human Behavior (Honors, CP) – Grades 11, 12
  • International Studies (Honors, CP) – Grades 11, 12 
  • Examining Feminism through Popular Culture  (Honors, CP) – Grades 11, 12
  • A Military Perspective of World War II (Honors, CP) – Grades 11, 12
  • Advanced Seminar in Social Studies (Honors) – Grades 11, 12

Social Studies Course Descriptions