Adminstration & Department Heads

High School Administration |
Principal - Mark J. Sullivan
Associate Principal - Richard T.  Sheehan, Jr.
Associate Principal- Deborah L. Deacon
Associate Principal for Athletics -  Shaun Hart
Information & Report Manager - Robyn Miliano
Support Services Coordinator  - Joseph P. Attubato

Coordinator/Directors |
Visual Arts & Design -  George Ratkevich
Health/Physical Education - Matthew Jackling
Performing Arts-  John Middleton-Cox

Department Heads |
Visual Arts & Design -  George Ratkevich
English - Shannon Janovitz
Foreign Language - Renee Dacey
Library/Media -  Callie Graham
Mathematics -  Kathleen Whitcomb
Science - Holly Potters
Social Studies -  Todd Whitten
Special Education -  Christina Cicolini

School Committee |
Chair - Kristin Russo
Vice Chair - Martha Simon
Christine M. Monaco
Thomas F. Murphy, Jr.
Stephen A. Nelson

Central Office Administration |
Superintendent of Schools - Dr. Eric Conti
Assistant Superintendent for Learning - Patrick M. Larkin
Director of Facilities/Technology - Robert Cunha
Director Of Special Education - Mary Houde
Business Manager - Nichole Coscia