Welcome to Burlington High! 

- Meet your counselor
- Attend small group guidance meetings – your counselor will send a pass for you
Familiarize yourself with BHS (the building, schedule, etc) Building Map
Get to know your teachers
Attend the Activities Fair in the Caf. and join a club or sports team
Think about taking challenging classes if you can (Honors, AP in the future)
Develop good study habits now to ease the transition from middle school to high school courses

First quarter closes in November. See your teachers or counselor if you are struggling in class!
- Log-in to Naviance program and explore college and career possibilities.
- Create your four-year academic plan on Naviance.
- Prepare and study for your mid-year exams

- Discuss your course selections with your parents/guardians, teachers and counselor.
- Start to explore careers that might interest you – see your counselor to get started.
- Explore worthwhile summer activities: work, camp, volunteering, classes, etc.

- Discuss with your counselor the possible need to take SAT Subject Tests.
- Continue to focus on academics, keep working hard!
- See your teachers/counselors if you are struggling in class

- Science MCAS test
- Prepare for final exams. Study! 
- Remember as we head toward summer that the best way to get a good SAT Critical Reading score when you’re a junior is to keep READING now!

- Participate in a meaningful summer activity and also, have fun!
- Get off to a good start academically- do your summer reading!
- Get involved with a summer club or sport.  
- If interested, remember to sign up for fall sports in late August!