Continue to get good grades. This is your last FULL year that colleges will see final grades from!
Think about possible college options/career paths (review results from Naviance assessments).
Take the PSAT again, if necessary
 Take the Pre-ACT 
 Kaplan practice tests available for free: more info at kaptest.com or call 1-800- KAP-TEST
Get involved in extracurricular activities if you haven’t done so already.

Start compiling a list of all your high school activities/extracurriculars.
Get to know your counselor/teachers better, if you don’t already. They will need to know you if they want to write a good recommendation letter for you next year!
Review PSAT and Pre-ACT results and try to determine which test/s you will take in the spring.
Decide what kind of test prep is right for you (e.g. test prep course, free online practice tests, etc.). 

Choose courses for senior year
Compare college requirements with your course selections – make sure you’re taking courses that colleges require!
Attend Junior College Planning Night with parents 
Registration deadline for March SAT is in February [ can also take in May or June
Registration deadline for April ACT is March [can also take in June ]
Attend small group meetings run by your counselor and schedule individual meetings.
Start putting together an activity list to provide to your counselor [ and send to colleges later ]
Start searching for colleges via Naviance.
Start planning college visits during vacation or on Saturdays
Investigate summer courses/programs/jobs or test prep classes. Registration is often early

Continue researching colleges and visit colleges during April vacation.
Continue to get great grades!
Register for May or June SATs [www.collegeboard.com] and/or June ACTs [www.act.org
Determine which colleges require SAT Subject tests and register for those, if necessary
Submit a draft of your activity list to your counselor (due date TBA)
Attend College Fair at Shriner’s Auditorium

Ask 2 current teachers for letters of recommendation
Update an activity list/resume or start one if you haven’t done so already
Create a Common Application account at www.commonapp.org and become familiar with all components of the application. Begin filling out all the sections in the basic application
Submit your Guidance Counselor Letter of Recommendation Request Form
Thoroughly prepare for final exams

Participate in a meaningful activities: work, camp, classes
Continue to explore and visit colleges - refine course selection based on admissions requirements
If English is not your first language, talk to your counselor about registering for a TOEFL exam
The Common App usually updates its college-specific information by August 1. Become familiar with all components of the application, including supplements, and begin filling out supplements
Brainstorm ideas for your college essay and begin working on your college essay