Welcome to Senior Year!

Senior newsletter

Attend BHS College application bootcamp

Get off to a good start academically
Continue to work with counselor and parents to implement post-secondary plans
List colleges you are considering on Naviance.  
Create an account at if using the Common Application
Register early for fall SAT I and/or SAT Subject test, ACT
If English is not your first language, you may need to register for the TOEFL. Check with colleges
Ask teachers for recommendations, get them any materials they require, and let them know your earliest deadline
Consider carefully your responsibilities if applying for Early Decision or Early Action and, if so, let your counselor know by the end of the month
Senior GPAs updated to include final grades from junior year [usually completed the 3rd week of September]

 Burlington High School Profile is completed and updated on the BHS Guidance Blog [this includes the GPA Profile] 
 Attend the College Fair, if needed
Register for a November/December SAT, ACT or SAT subject test, if required
 Plan college visits and interviews
 Attend BHS college rep. visits
 Polish your college essay – have it proofread!
 If colleges require the CSS/Profile for financial aid, fill out and submit
 If applying Early Decision/Early Action, prepare applications for November 1 deadline
Submit transcript requests [ colored slips ] to counselor.
 Begin to check Naviance once every week or two for newly posted scholarships

First quarter grades will be added to senior transcripts by Nov. 15.  Guidance will automatically send an updated transcript for students who applied with a Nov. 1 deadline. 
Send Early Decision or Early Action for November 15 or December 1 deadlines.
Stay in contact with your counselor for deadlines.  Check in often
Pay $10 transcript processing fee to Guidance Department

Review and submit all applications and essays to colleges with Dec. 15 & Jan. 1 deadlines
If applying for Jan. 1, materials must be to Guidance two weeks before vacation

Valedictorian, Salutatorian and Class Essayist are determined using the first semester grades and final grades from grades 9, 10 and 11
Send out final Regular Decision applications
Attend BHS Financial Aid Night [ January ]
File the FAFSA [ Free Application for Federal Student Aid ] after Jan. 1.
-Start applying for scholarships on Scholarship America website
Continue to get great grades. All colleges will request mid-year transcripts
As you turn 18, remember to register with Selective Service. It is tied to your financial aid

Continue to check Naviance and Scholarship for America for scholarships and start applying
As you begin to hear back from colleges, indicate your admission status on Naviance
Attend “admitted students” events at college(s) you’ve been accepted to

Speak with parents/guardians and counselor about your college decision
Pay deposits to college by May 1 due date
Take AP exams
Apply for the Koplik Scholarship if you qualify and are attending a Mass. public university

Complete Graduation Survey on Naviance
Complete Senior Sign-Outs, returning all required materials and paying all fees
Once grades are finalized, we automatically send your transcript to the college you indicated you are attending on your Graduation Survey